Friday, October 19, 2007

I've migrated!

I have shifted over to Wordpress! So change your links peepz!

I know it's unimaginative lar... It's actually to save you the hassle of remembering my new blog site. =D See, I'm such a nice person. xD

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Migration in progress...

Will be emo-ing over at my wordpress blog for the time-being. Might consider shifting over for good. Find me if you can.

If you can't, you can always ask me if you miss reading my nonsense.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Horror of horrors

Note: Created a new friend test. Go see how well you'd score! ;)

It's been 2 years. I thought I'd finally put it behind me. All the nightmares, all the headaches, all the suffering. But, I should have known better. I should have known that I wouldn't be so lucky. Lucky things just don't happen to a girl like me. I seems to be destined to eternal doom, without the chance to escape, ever.

Yes, it's come back to haunt me again. Determined to make my life more of a mess than it already is. Mathematics. No, not just Mathematics. It's Additional Mathematics. Doesn't matter if they give it a different name like Mathematics for Business and Social Sciences, there's no need for the smoke screen effect, I can recognise what is Add Maths from a mile away. When I'd finished the dreaded Add Maths paper for my SPM two years ago, I thought that that would be the end of my sufferings, I'd no longer have to slave over a bunch of numbers and weird symbols, trying to make sense of it. Apparently, I. Was. So. Damn. Wrong.

I had always struggled with Add Maths ever since I was in Form 4. I was 15 then. Fast forward 3 years later, I still suck at it. Mathematics is not for a person like me. I can never fully comprehend the 'joy' and 'excitement' that some claim to feel when they managed to solve a particularly challenging Mathematical equation. All I would feel is "Oh finally! Now let's move on..." I would rather write you 5 essays instead of solving 20 Add Maths equations at any given day.

Imagine the shock I felt today when the lecturer stepped into the class and started giving out Maths notes and questions and started blabbing about formulas and what-nots. I nearly died when I looked at my so-called lecture notes. An inch thick of papers, all filled with Mathematics equations, in ENGLISH! Did I mention that in my 18 years of life I had only ever learned Maths in Mandarin and Malay? All the terms and stuff were completely in English this time around. Which means I have to start learning all over again. Great. Fantastic. I can hardly wait for this semester to end. Let's just hope I can pass so I would be able to get to degree year without any problems.

Oh, I should tell you something funny about my Maths lecturer. He's this guy around his late-forties (I'm only guessing-lah of course, I wanted to say fifties but...that seems kinda mean, what if he just looks old? =x) and at first glance, looks just like your normal typical lecturer. But when he opens his mouth, it just cracks me up. No, it's not because he's a joker. It's the way he talks. He ar, he talk ar, like this wan ar, so ar, you can count ar, how many times ar, he says 'ar' in one sentence. He also seems to be seriously lacking basic computer knowledge. That guy doesn't even know how to scroll down the document! "Oh...there's an arrow when I want to scroll down ar, I press this..." HAHAHAHAHA! Now tell me how does that not crack you up?

Sorry, I'm a bit mental. You know, the shock and everything...

It's been awhile since I last camwhored. So there. =D

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Saturday, October 13, 2007


Emo post. Just leave.

Emo-ing now. Funny how my mood can change within seconds. Why am I so weak? Why do I keep getting affected by these things over and over again? Everytime, it's the same old thing. Yet, I am unable to control myself. I hate this feeling! My insides are squished to the extent of making breathing seems like a chore. I hate myself. *slitswrist*

It's just a stupid thing! Get over it already stupid girl. Get over it!! Forget it. I wish I could. Why does it bother me so much anyway? It's not like I didn't know it before. It's just that when I see it out in the open, it still bothers me so much that I feel like a total complete loser. Argh...perhaps carbon monoxide would really help solve my crappy problems once and for all. Gawd I hate my life.

Why the fuck did I get involved in this mess in the first place. Fuck it all. I need a hug. Maybe I should just go die instead. Whatever.

Friday, October 12, 2007

A minus? MINUS???

I am so, so, beat. I need sleep. Now. Just a short update.

Had fun with my friends today. It's been quite awhile since we last had so much fun together. But now my hands and legs are aching. -.-''

Finally got back my finals' results. Wasn't too bad. Wasn't too good either. My GPA this semester is 3.50, slightly better than last semester. Sigh, but whyyyyy A minus. T_T Why can't they just gimme an A instead. *emos*

Anyway, off to bed! Ciaoz!


Okay fine, I got 1 measly tiny A this semester. I couldn't help but wonder if I could've gotten higher if I actually tried studying for the two other subjects that I got A- for. Sigh. Too late to regret now.

Got a B for my Marketing. Well, it was actually better than what I'd expected since I didn't really bother studying for the paper. And I never liked the subject much anyway. *shrugs* Was kinda surprised that I'd gotten a B+ for my Sociology paper though. Considering the fact that I'd never even bothered to listen to the stupid lecturer in class before.

Starting class again on Tuesday. Last semester of my foundation year. On the bright side, there's only two subjects since it's a short semester. 7 more weeks and I'll be off to my degree year. I'm still thinking of switching to PR. Can't seem to make up my mind just yet. Ah well... =S


Think your job is lousy?

Well, think again!

Ever heard of flatus odor judge? No? Don't think you'd have heard of it anyway. I certainly never did. Until now, that is.

Flatus odor judge. A.k.a. fart analyzer. At least, that's how I perceive it to be. Like the name suggests, a flatus odor judge actually analyzes people's farts and rates how smelly they are. I am dead serious. Seriously, I am.

If you don't believe me, or wishes to have a more detailed description of people who analyzes farts. Go on ahead to this website and check it out. They also have a list of other jobs that stinks (pun intended).


Found another interesting site. Thought I'd share it with you guys.



They have tons of cute pictures like that in their site. All I can say is, KIUT!!


Going to Sunway Lagoon tomorrow with my course mates. I'm supposed to sleep now so that I can wake up at 9am tomorrow. Ugh...did I mention my bedtime is actually 8am? That means if I were to sleep at my 'normal' bedtime, I would have a grand total of one hour's sleep. Great.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I don't give a damn

You know what? I think I'm sick of him already. Yea, again.

Really sick of him. Out of sight, out of mind. Good riddance.


Sunday, October 07, 2007

I seriously need a life

Note: The only thing stopping me from moving over to wordpress is the un-userfriendiless of it. Or maybe I'm just more used to Blogger's interface. Anyhow, too many buttons and stuffs confuses a technology-retard like me. And I don't like being confused. Nah-ah. Not to mention the various restrictions that wordpress enforces. Grr...

End of second week of my holiday. And I haven't been anywhere interesting save for KL Tower last week. Or last month, to be exact. Goodness, why is my holiday such a bore. T_T

And I haven't been blogging much either. Weird, considering that I sleep at almost sunrise these days. Not that I'd have much to blog about anyway. Who would wanna read about my wake up, eat, rot, sleep, wake up, eat, rot, sleep routine right? I might even be convicted of homicide should someone die of boredom while reading my blog. *GASP* The horror! *shudders*

I'm going through the average of 2 books per day now. Which is a bad thing. Considering that I don't even have a lot of books to start with. And now I'm running out of things to do when I'm rotting in the wee hours of morning while waiting for sleep to overcome me. Sighness...

Funny how people can find things to blog about every single day. Either their lives are incredibly exciting, or they have this amazing ability write long-ass entries about mundane boring things that happened every day. For me, well, let's just say on a scale of 1 to 10, my life isn't exactly gonna be rated a 10 in the 'exciting' department. I'm also incapable of crapping nonstop about nothing. Though this entry might prove otherwise. (Heh...)

Point is, there really isn't one. Point I mean. My life has no point, my holiday has no point. Gosh, I feel so pointless now. =.= Point point point. Great, now I'm just insane. And lame. And I guess I should probably go curl up in my bed hoping to fall asleep soon.

Oh yes, I can't wait for my finals' results to be out. Seriously, I even had a nightmare about it yesterday. I'd much rather get it over with than to endure the suspense.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

He never fails to make me smile

Had a chat with an old friend today. Knew him since last year, while he was still a her to me.

Confused? xP

I actually thought he was a girl. After more than half a year of living under the impression that he was a girl, he finally told me he's actually a guy. Imagine the shock!

So anyway, he's only 15. And he's cute. As in personality-lah... Most importantly, he makes me smile.

Thanks reez. =)

Friends forever.

p/s: Oh and he wants me to tell you that he's handsome.

Sunday, September 30, 2007


Note: All images taken from Stickgirl's blog.

Fell in love

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He has a girlfriend
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Just friends
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A fool
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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Peanut butter?

I. Hate. Traffic. Jams.

Well, who doesn't? But i hate hate hate KL's traffic jam. Everywhere you turn, there's traffic jam. Highway, main road or the back lane, it doesn't matter. It'll still be JAMMED.

Went to KL Tower for the first time today. I know I know...after staying in KL for almost a decade and I've finally gone to KL Tower at long last. I know I'm slow. Whatever.

But truth be told, the view from the observation deck is really cool. Today's kinda rainy, so the view ain't that clear. But I guess it has another kind of feeling to it. We were literally on cloud nine, being surrounded by clouds in the observation deck. But but but...I did not bring a camera. =____= I forgot. Actually I didn't know we were going to KL Tower. So, no pictures to show how nice the view was. ): Sowwee...

After today, I will think thrice whenever I wanna drive down to KL city. I think we actually spent most of our time in the car today. And KL roads are terrible! The road signs were a nightmare... I was so afraid we wouldn't be able to find our way home. -_-''

Actually wanted to check out the Starhill Gallery and all but the jam scared us off... So yea, jammed all the way home after spending less than an hour in KL Tower.

I don't think I wanna drive to KL anytime soon. No, thank you.

Oh and I know it's called traffic congestion. I just like to say jam. I'm a Malaysian what. Bleh.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Goodbye second semester~

Finally. Finally. Finally.
I'm done with my finals!!! Yes you heard right, I'm officially FREE from the clutches of studies for three whole weeks! =D

Had my last paper today. Well, Management was actually quite okay compared to that nightmarish Marketing. Hopefully I'll be able to score for this paper. If not my efforts of waking up at 8am to study will be all wasted. ): Now I can only cross my fingers and hope my CGPA would be higher than 3 this semester. Pressure pressure!! What a lovely word. Except that I do not have much plans...yet. I don't wanna spend my semester break rotting at home! Think I'm gonna use up all my money during my three weeks break for shopping though. >.> *cough*

Oh and by the way, for those of you who enjoys a good read, you should consider getting this book. It's a psychological thriller. One of the better books I've read in recent times. This seriously rocks! Go buy it!!


GOSH! I'm so pissed right now. Went blog hopping to check out my fellow bloggers' posts just now and guess what I saw when I went over to Unstable's blog?

Not sure if you people noticed, but a few days ago there was a sick ass who spammed my chatbox with all sorts of pornographic nonsense. So I blocked his IP address and banned him from posting in my chatbox. So, problem solved. Or so I thought.

Little did I know, THE FUCKER WENT TO OTHER BLOG TO SPAM NONSENSE!! Now you might think that that is none of my business. Normally, yes. But NO! This retarded spastic fucking son of a bitch spammed Unstable's chatbox using my name! He pretended to be me! WTF???

I would like to clarify that the sicko who spammed your chatbox was NOT me. I'm really sorry about this Unstable. And uh...would you kindly remove the sickass' messages from your chatbox? And banning the user's IP address might be a good thing to do as well. Paiseh!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Take a hint, will you?

Note: Pointless rant ahead. Proceed at your own risk.

Sometimes, it amazes me to see just how stupid a person can get. There is this guy, let's call him B, he was my senior in secondary school but I never really noticed him as we have totally nothing in common. Even back then, I never really liked him as he has a reputation of always trying to hook up with pretty girls. He would go after one of them, and after being rejected, he would target another one the very next day. And he wasn't even good looking. At all.

So fast forward to after I graduate from secondary school, somehow this guy got hold of my number and started sms-ing me and called me even though I told him I don't like people calling me on the phone. Being the nice person I am, I replied his smses although I don't even like him, not even as a friend. Then after sometime, I got sick of him and stopped replying his smses or phone calls. The calls stopped after awhile. (If you really must know, he started hitting on me even though I told him I was attached. And he would try to ask me out again and again. Not that I went anyway. So I got really annoyed and decided to get him out of my life.)

Just when I had erased this person from my memory, I had the misfortune of bumping into him in a mall late last year. I mumbled some excuse that I lost my phone and ran off as fast as I could. The bastard had the nerve to call my phone afterwards with a different number! I answered it and once I knew it was him. I immediately hung up. And ignored his smses.

Now, a normal sane person would've taken the not-so-subtle hint and stop harassing me right? NO! Months after that fateful incident, I'd completely forgotten about his existence. Again. Til he called me again last night. With yet another different number! WTF? I stupidly answered yes when he said my name. Then he told me who he is. Gosh...I hung up on him after mumbling something incoherent. But the fucker is obviously so thick-skinned that he sent me another message, saying he just wanna make sure I was still using the same number wtf. When I didn't reply, he had the nerve to call again! Goodness, he is the most most most thick-skin person I've ever met in my entire life. WHY ON EARTH CAN'T YOU TAKE THE HINT? I do not want to hear from you or keep in touch with you at all!

He's like a stupid boomerang that keeps coming back no matter how many times you toss it away. I freaking hate this kind of people. Stupid stupid stupid. Now my mood is ruined. All thanks to the fucking asshole. Argh!

Okay, enough about the asshole. Had my Writing for Business paper today. Tougher than I thought. I almost missed out the last section because I didn't flip the page. -_-'' Now I just hope I wouldn't make too much careless mistakes. This is one of the papers that I'm aiming to score for. Since I wouldn't be able to score for my Marketing exam which falls on Monday. T_T

Oh, and I just got my license. HAHAHA...Beware people! Yes it looks fugly, but that's not the point. The point is, I can drive legally now! xD

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Because it's my blog

Because I'm a camwhore. Because I miss seeing my face on my blog. Because you can't stop me. Muahaha...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Excuse the redness of the face. Alcohol always does this to me.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I was trying to see how I'd look with dark colour nails.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Why do I look yellow... =.=

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Because I just like camwhoring.

Apparently they can't read.

Le-sigh. I've sort of half given up on my Friendster already. Too freaking lazy to maintain it. One of the main reason is that there seems to be less and less intelligent lifeforms on Friendster nowadays.

Okay, so let's review some of the idiotic things that people do on Friendster these days. Yes yes, the topic has been discussed to death. But those people never cease to exist. And they piss me off.

1. Everyday I'd get some friend request from some guy who has like about 700 other chicks in his friends list, with loads of comments ddat l00kss lYkk dhhissh. It hurts my eyes just trying to see what on earth are they typing. Worse if the guy who added me also types in the same way. It's bad enough a girl types like a complete retard. When a guy does it, it's even more disgusting. Ugh...

2. Then there are those idiots that spam your inbox with nonsense. They'd send like 10 messages a day which contains some link to some websites with some boring nonsensical contents. FYI, I do not even bother to visit those links. My mouse automatically clicks on the delete button on its own whenever I see such messages omfg. I have no control over it at all!

3. These are the kind of retards that either never went to school or dropped out of kindergarten.
I mean come on...don't people bother to read anymore? I even got rid of my long ass self-biography and typed a measly 50 words in the About me section for the benefits of those illiterate retards. Still, they chose to ignore it and continue to act like a tard.

Just to let you know, I do not reply messages. Unless you've something interesting to say. If you wanna ask for permission to add me, don't bother messaging me. I'd rather you just add.

This is what I wrote on my profile. But there'd still be retards who floods my inbox with crap. Which are of course, ignored.

Subject: hihi
Message: can addd u?wat u email add?
My email is in my profile, retard.

Subject: <<>>
Message: can be a friend?
if can pls reply me
wating for u reply o>>>>>
Learn to read? Perhaps?

Subject: hi
Message: can i add u as fren

There, I finally replied. Happy now?

4. And then there are those that locks their profile. How on earth am I supposed to know who the heck is he when the profile is restricted to the people in his friends list only?! Great, fantastic, fabulous. You want to add me yet I don't know who are you. If I wanna see, I'd have to approve first. dash underscore dash

5. The spammers. Spam spam and spam. And those stupid chain letters. If those things were real I would've died a thousand times already. Maybe even more. Gosh how can people be so stupid as to really believe those rubbish. And no, Friendster is not going to shut down just because you don't forward the spam that supposedly came from the manager of Friendster.

I could have gone on forever, but just in case you guys die of boredom, I shall stop here. Now WHERE on earth is my driving license?!



Monday, September 17, 2007


I passed.



I'm a happy girl~! =D
(and no, I didn't kill anyone)

I got 17/20 for my on the road test. And I managed to pass my slope, parking and three-point turn on my first try! Yayness! *kembangs* Plus, the JPJ officers were kinda nice to me. Heck, one of them even smiled at me when I went to take my form. Hah, I'm glad I didn't get tested by one of those mean ones.

Should be getting my P license within this week. So don't say I haven't warn you people!
*Psst* I never took my QTI.

Anyways!! I bought two books last night. Am half way through the first book already. Happy happy~ I think I can just go live in a bookstore and I'll be happy. =D

Pardon me if you think this is a lame post. I really don't have any idea what to write about. I thought about telling you how my entire driving test went. But that will probably bore you all. So I'm just gonna tell the main point. Which I already did. In case you haven't noticed though,

I passed!!!

Okay, that's all. Oh, and thanks for all the wishes peeps. Appreciate it a lot! Muacks! You guys are the best!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tagging 101

Seems like quite a few people I tagged doesn't quite get how tags works. I'm feeling nice today, so I'm gonna do a lil tutorial for you. =) Say thank you won't you? x)

Okay, first of all, what are tags? Tag is basically a game played by children. It's a catching game-lah basically. If you get caught by your friend, then it's now your turn to catch another friend. Geddit? No? I suck at explaining. Sorry.

Now this blog tagging thingy is similar to the game. In a sense that when you're tagged by someone, you have to do the tag as well. And the vicious cycle goes on...and on...and on...

What am I supposed to do when I'm tagged? ):

Well, most of the tags are really similar. Take my most recent tag as an example.
The bolded text is the topic. For example, I typed 10 people you love (excluding family). That is the title. You're supposed to list out the names of 10 people you love. Then you move on to the next topic. Eg. 10 things you wanna do before you die. Then you list out the 10 things you wanna do before you die (duh -_-). And when you finish the entire tag, you can tag other people! =)

p/s: Not everyone bolds the topic. It's just that I think it's neater that way. Or maybe I'm just weird. Meh...

So there are several types of tags out there. Some are picture tags. (I hate those -.-) Some are just plain text tags like the ones I posted. It's basically very simple and usually requires a very short time to complete so I kinda like them. Especially when I'm having blogger's block. xD

So that concludes my short tutorial. If you still don't get what the hell I'm trying to say...well, I'm sorry because that's the best I can do. I'm not a good teacher. Will never be one I think. Lols...
Now all those people I tagged can't give me that 'I don't know how to do the tag' excuse anymore! Shoo shoo go do my tag!


On another note, I'm taking my driving test on Monday! Wish me luck!! I'm gonna need all the luck I can get. Let's hope I won't
1. Roll down the slope
2. Stalled in the middle of the road
3. Bang down the sticks... or cones... whatever...
4. Kill someone / myself *gasps*

Ah, and my P license will look like shit (Assuming that I'm gonna pass the exam of course). Because the photos I took suck big time. Sad sad sad...why can't I be photogenic huh? )): Darn.

Hah guess what, I bought a new nail polish. It's....RED. It's my first red polish. I can't handle red very well. That's probably why I don't buy any red polish or lipstick or what-so-ever.My mom says I'm not sexy enough to wear red. Bah! I'm gonna try anyway. I'm feeling adventurous today. Let's see if I can pull it off shall we?

Edit: TMD!! I kena conned! @%^$# It's a very deep shade of PINK! WTH...Damn ugly lar! ZZZ...I want RED!

Edit edit: Ugh...and it's kinda gooey. Which reminds me of...-_-'' Gross...I want blood red! Not some magneta red wannabe! =( sobx... I'll get one next week. Urgh. 

I almost forgot!

Happy birthday phen!


Thursday, September 13, 2007


Note: I'm contemplating on moving over to wordpress. Yes I know I just shifted back here a few months ago...but I think I need the password protected post feature that blogger doesn't offer. But my blog has been developing nicely over here, so shifting might cause, well, disruption. Should I shift? Or not?
But then again, wordpress doesn't seem to be as user-friendly as blogger. Which might be a problem for technology-retards like me. >.> How??

Okay, sorry for the unimaginative title. My brain is not functioning very well nowadays. The title relates to a tag which I'm about to do if you're wondering ( yes, thank you very much brian...). Yes yes I know, two tags in 2 weeks? What on earth am I thinking? Am I running out of ideas to blog already? Well, I'm bored, and I really do not have much to blog about anyway. Like I said, brain not functioning well enough!

Had my Web Page Design exam today, which I didn't study for. Actually, I planned on studying...but but...I was lazeee...So I fell asleep holding the book. Next thing I know, it's morning already. >.> And not to mention I was late for the the exam...I walked into the exam hall 10 minutes after everyone started omgwthbbq! So malu-fying. The paper wasn't bad per se, but it definitely wasn't good either. If I'm really lucky I might be able to scrap a B- I guess. Sigh... Next up, Writing for Mass Comm on Monday. Hope I'll be able to do well in it then. Sigh why is my life so sucky? T.T

Bla bla bla, let's get on with the tag.

Answer everything, then tag 10 people.
Great, seven was hard enough, now 10?!

10 people you love (excluding family) lol...right
1. My bestie, yong
2. All my friends, you know who you are (inserts 8 people's name here)
3. Me, myself and I

10 things you wanna do before you die
1. Slap her
2. Learn to play a musical intrument, preferably piano
3. Be good in at least ONE thing

I did this in the previous tag, so I'm only going to do 3 more here. Heh, I'm lazy I know. =p

10 things you cannot live without
1. My cellphone
2. Computer
3. Internet
4. My blog
5. Money
6. Music
7. My friends
8. My bed
9. Books
10. Food (duh)

10 bad habits
1. Procrastinating!!!11!
2. Doing last minute work
3. Lack of self control
4. Lack of determination
5. Repeating previous mistakes
6. Too sarcastic at times
7. Bad temper
8. Not concentrating in classes
9. Almost always late
10. Spitting out vulgarities

10 attitudes that turn you off
1. Show-offs
2. Liar
3. Assuming they are always right
4. Do not give people a chance to tell their side of the story
5. Too boring
6. Overbearing
7. Shallow minded
8. Back-stabbing
9. Overprotective
10. Trying too hard

10 words to describe yourself
1. Lazy
2. Pessimistic
3. Blur
4. Sarcastic
5. Boring
6. Emo
7. Temperamental
8. Cute (or so they say)
9. Selfish

10 favourite artistes
1. Avril Lavigne
2. Kelly Clarkson
3. My Chemical Romance
4. The Veronicas
5. S.H.E.
6. Westlife
7. Jay Chou
8. Mariah Carey
9. Plain White T's
10. Greenday

10 people to tag (I really don't have any idea who to tag, and I'm feeling nice today, so I'm gonna let you decide if you wanna do it or not, see, I'm such a nice person...)


Oh and by the way, I'm hungry =(

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I'm so dead

Note: Freaking Maxis broadband is lagging like shit again. You have no idea how many times I have to click the refresh button just to edit this post. And I'm forced to use IE which gives me a lot of crap pop-ups and stuff instead of Firefox because Firefox is freaking buggy and refuses to load any page at all at the moment. And the idiotic Opera is not compatible with the blogger's page so I couldn't use it as well. There, you see, I'm so nice to go through 3 internet browsers and pressing F5 countless times to refresh the page and publish this post just so you could read my rants online. Now say thank you.

I am supposed to go for my driving lesson today. Ended up skipping it because I was too lazy to wake up. >.<

Watched Evan Almighty last night. Funny movie. My friend laughed til face cramp. >.> Lols...go catch it if you need a good laugh. =)

Anyway, had my first exam yesterday. Sociology was...well, to put it mildly, bad. As in bad til I can go bang wall and die bad. I practically died when I saw the questions... *mumbles about misleading tips* I finished the 2 hour paper in 40 minutes. Just great. Now let's just hope I don't flunk this paper. I do NOT want to see the idiotic lecturer's face for another semester thank you very much.

Next up, Web Page Designing. And speaking of which, I'm supposed to be studying right now instead of blogging. But I can't help iiiitttt... Procrastinating is a part of me. )): Ugh, I can't wait for my finals to finish. I'm in need of a mass shopping trip. And perhaps a trip too. *allthankstopohnee&phen'sblogs*

Oh and by the way, I'm thinking of switching course. I originally chose broadcasting as my major next year. But now I'm thinking about switching over to PR. Advice anyone?

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Pictures pictures pictures... lappie is finally repaired, be prepared to be flooded by pictures. Wuakakakaka...

Oh, be warned, this post makes no sense. =) It's just here because I feel like camwhoring.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Web Page Design presentation day.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Messy hair... >.>

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Yes I know they're short. Shut up.

Oh, and today's lesson was far better. At least nobody honk me. =D

Saturday, September 08, 2007


Note: Try typing "=rand (200,99)" in Microsoft word. Minus the quote marks. Kewl trick.

I don't think I can pass my driving test. I suck. Big time. Argh! Why the fuck do we have to learn manual gear anyway if I'm going to be driving an auto car once I get my license? This is just so paradoxical. And fuck those people who honk like nobody's business. Cannot see the 'L' sign isit?? Blardy Idiots.

Excuse me for my emo-ness these days. I get stressed out whenever my exams are getting near. In this case, Monday. Crap. I'm so dead. Ugh...cheer me up anyone?

Friday, September 07, 2007


I have a confession to make. Actually, multiple confessions.
So let's start.

1. I confess I should actually be cramming for my finals which starts on Monday instead of blogging/gaming all day and night.
2. I confess I have been tagged 3 times and I still haven't done any of them yet.
3. I confess somewhere deep inside I'm trying to suppress my feelings.

Poh Nee tagged me. And this one is easier than the other 2 tags, so Imma do this first. =p

7 things to do before my death
1. Be famous
2. Travel the world
3. Fall deeply and passionately in love
4. Be filthy rich
5. Try bungee-jumping/sky-diving
6. Write a book?
7. Get a Ferrari/Lamborghini

7 things I will not do even if it kills me
1. Smoke
2. Do drugs
3. Be a stripper/prostitute
4. Act like a retard
5. Betray my friend's trust in me
6. Have a sex-change operation
7. Eat a cockroach

7 things I do when I'm away from the public
1. Sing in the shower
2. Scream into my pillow
3. Cry
4. Write emo poetry
5. Walk around naked in my room
6. Daydream
7. Talk to myself >.>

7 favourite sentences/quotes
1. Fuck off
3. Go die
4. Rules are meant to be broken
5. WTF
7. Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former

(hey whoever told you I was nice anyway?)

7 favourite songs of all time
1. Forever love - Lee Hom
2. Leave me alone - The Veronicas
3. When you're gone - Avril Lavigne
4. Because of you - Kelly Clarkson
5. Secret - Jay Chou
6. Innocence - Avril Lavigne
7. Hey there Delilah - Plain White Tees

7 things I’ll make you wish you didn’t do if you did
1. Back stab me
2. Pestering me nonstop
3. Act like a retard
4. Accuse me of something I didn't do
5. Disturb me when I'm sleeping
6. Piss me off
7. Use me

7 people I would tag (if they have blogs/are still alive)
1. Luke
2. Stephen
3. Sue Yen
4. Shao Yong
5. Avril Lavigne
6. -sqiang-
7. A certain someone who is on my mind now

Sunday, September 02, 2007


All good things must come to an end.
Cliché? Perhaps. But you can't deny that the statement is true.

As much as you might hate for it to end, it will end somehow. One way or another. It's no doubt a pity. But there's nothing we can do to stop it. Or is there?

Actually, I've been on an emotional roller coaster recently. One moment I'm feeling chirpy, the next, I'll be moody. Yes the mood change IS triggered by something, but sometimes, that something is so insignificant even I myself am wondering why on earth I would get upset over it. Alas, I still do. I am weak, I know.

If only I can find the secret to eternal happiness.

Someone wrote this to me when I was feeling like crap. I found it quite true. So I'm quoting her here. (Heh...hope you don't mind, LFF)


By putting on a facade (usually of indifference or happiness), we delude
ourselves into thinking that the problem isn't going to affect us adversely,
it is our security blanket that we placed over ourselves as a way to absorb
the shock of the impact of a certain situation and how we might react to

In a way, it is good because you don't overreact immediately, instead, you
keep telling yourself that it isn't so bad and that it won't hurt, or, whatever you want to tell yourself, and deep down inside you, you know that that's not true, but you don't care because you'd rather delude yourself rather than allow yourself to fall. It cushions the impact, so to speak. It's called self denial.

The bad side about it is that as time passes, realization occurs. When you
suddenly realise that the event DID happen and that it WILL affect you
badly. That's when the brunt of the hurt comes from. All along you have been suppressing the hurt/anger/whatever under that blanket of security you put around yourself, but when the breaking point comes one fine day, it will flood all over you.

The good thing about this situation is that since you gave yourself time to
'delude' yourself initially, your emotions are currently in a more stable
state than previously, where everything was more unstable. Thus you would be able to cope with the surge of emotions more easily.Then when you're done with the mallet of reality hitting down upon your being, you stop your tears, dry your eyes and tell yourself: I have to move on/ solve this problem because I want to be happy.

And then, you move on.



Thursday, August 30, 2007

Did you know?

Do you know what is the smallest rhino species in the world? Hah...Gotcha!

It's the Sumatran rhinoceros. One of the rarest mammals left in the world. It is listed as critically endangered with only about 300 of them left in the world. Thanks to poaching and deforestation.

No wait, you didn't go into the wrong blog. It's still Cherrie's blog. Only this time, I've decided to write about something more serious. I have a soft spot for animals, so this kind of things affect me a lot. (All together now, awwwwww~)

Back to the rhinos. So, some of you might wonder, why rhino? Why not other cuter looking animals? After all, rhino is not exactly cute and cuddly is it? I'm writing this to support the 'Rhino Rescue Project' initiated by Honda. Yes, the same Honda that brought you those gorgeous sedans. This project is the one and only corporate sponsorship dedicated to saving the Sumatran rhinos. Honda actually pledged a total of RM5 MILLION to WWF Malaysia as part of the project. Like OMGWTFBBQ?! RM5 MILLION?! That can buy me loads and loads of clothes, shoes, heck, even a house omg! *fantasizes about new Ferrari*

But I digress, the reason we should do our bit to save the rhino is because it is the ONLY rhino species found in Malaysia. You wouldn't want your children or grandchildren to see the rhino only in their textbook right? To think that rhinos might be to them what Dodo is to us...that is awfully saddening. And it is already happening if we don't do our tiny lil part in saving those poor rhinos.

What can I do to help you ask? Well, if you have a blog or a website, paste the Save our Sumatran Rhino into your site and help spread the word. =) Lets save the rhinos shall we?


I'm happy. Yes I am. Perhaps not ecstatic, but I'm feeling happier than what I've been feeling recently (If you've been reading my blog all this time you'd know I've been less than a happy bunny recently due to one reason or another).

The reason? My coursework marks mostly. Though I admit I would have like em to be higher (but then who wouldn't? -.-), but I'm still satisfied with the overall marks except for 1 dreaded subject. Marketing. I didn't do well in my mid term for Marketing, mostly because I didn't study for it. And my assignments aren't great either. So, sigh...I got crappy coursework marks. As for the others, I'm happy. But my Writing for Business marks could have gotten higher if not for the fact that the tutor gave our group such RIDICULOUSLY LOW marks for our assignments. Even recalling our marks now gives me depression. Come on, for both our assignments, we didn't even manage to score at least 25/30 for either one. That, is seriously depressing. But there's nothing I can do now except for studying harder for my finals to make up for those crappy marks.

On the other hand, I surprised even myself yesterday. I actually started studying! In the library! O.o Well, for some people this is probably nothing much. But for me, I've always did last minute studying... So starting 2 weeks from the date of my exam is kinda a surprise. Let's hope my hard work will pay off during my finals eh? Heh...

Ah...and today is Merdeka eve. While everyone's out there partying, I'll probably be holed up at home doing nothing unless some last minute plan comes up. Ugh...this is depressing. Noooo~ I can't do this now, otherwise my title will be contradictory with my post. *happy thoughts happy thoughts*

Well, Happy 50th birthday to Malaysia! =) Lets hope that we will see improvements in the years to come. And I wanna see the fireworks tonight! =(

Oh, and I do NOT give a damn about the issue anymore. I am too tired to bother. In other words, I give up.

Monday, August 27, 2007

The reason you see me offline forever

Watched Secret on Saturday. I'm not a big fan of Jay Chou but this movie seriously rawks! Especially considering the fact that he is a first time director. The plot is a pleasant surprise. It's not your typical romance movie but rather one that has substance and style. I've fallen in love with the way he plays the piano~ ♫

Now I just have to catch Ratatouille. Food! Gourmet food!

Pet peeves. Trying to decipher an msn conversation after a long day.

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I tried, believe me. I tried to understand, I tried to tolerate it. But I just can't.
I don't freaking have time to decipher every single line of your message okay?!

I have much better things to do.

Seventh month

Note: OMFG! Finals again in 2 weeks! OMFG OMFG! Help!!!11!11!!!

For those of you who didn't know, this month is actually the seventh month in the Lunar calendar. And that means the Hungry Ghost Festival is here. The Hungry Ghost Festival goes on for one whole month and people make offerings to appease the restless spirits roaming our land. And legend has it that the Hell Gates will open on the 15th day of the month, thus releasing all those 'stuffs' to our world.

It is advised that we shouldn't go out late at night and such to avoid attracting some 'unwanted' attention. There are various superstitions such as do not answer if anyone calls your name at night as it might be one of those things trying to take over your body kinda stuff. I'm not exactly a superstitious person per se but I do believe in ghosts. Because I saw them before. Meh...used to anyway. If you guys are interested in that kinda things, you should be able to find plenty of books on this topic. Shan't elaborate further cause I don't know much about these things to begin with anyway. =)

Anyway, today, is the 15th. And I'm evil, as always.

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Wuakaka...nites! "Sweet" dreams! X)

ps: I am THAT pale. Serious. =.=

Friday, August 24, 2007






Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Was feeling really down. Wondered if she did the right thing. Then, she went over to his profile and saw the 'reason' why she did all this. It suddenly reminded her why should she do this even though it hurts her inside.

She can't be with someone like this. One moment he says this to her, next moment, he might just turned his back on her and says exactly the same thing to the other person. You have no idea how much it sucks seeing that kinda thing. To her, I love you is a very special thing. It can't be said to two different people at the same time. It's supposed to be one and only. So she made up her mind, it's time to let go and move on with her life.

She can't do anything now since the damage is already done. For now, it's either friends, or strangers. It's really up to him. She is also tired. And she doesn't wanna see the other person's picture and feels as if someone is squeezing the air out of her again. It's really too much for her to handle. She fears a breakdown will happen.

For now, she's contented to live in her own carefully protected bubble and forget about all the rubbish that happened. That is, until someone comes along and burst that bubble. Then you shall see the 'tough as nail' her breakdown. interesting that would be.


Monday, August 20, 2007





Sunday, August 19, 2007


Note: As promised, I'll post my bikini photo tomorrow night. It will only be up for an hour before I take it down. So if you wanna see, try viewing my blog between 9-10pm tomorrow night.

I have a confession to make.

I'm upset.

Of myself. Of him. Of everything that happened between us.

I should never never have let what happened between us happen.

Can you let me go? Please? And go back to whoever that your heart belongs to.

I hate myself. And you probably should, too.

Thursday, August 16, 2007




也许我喜欢欺骗自己吧? 就算清楚明白事情不可能会有结果,心里面却还是在骗着自己。


我问过自己,他,值得吗? 虽然心里已有了答案,可是,还是与他在纠缠不清。




Monday, August 13, 2007

Something random

You Are a Down to Earth Doll

You're good looking and you realize that looks matter
And you also know that it's your inside that really shines
You do your best to look like an A-lister
But you devote most of your time to being a well rounded hottie

Your Brain is Green

Of all the brain types, yours has the most balance.
You are able to see all sides to most problems and are a good problem solver.
You need time to work out your thoughts, but you don't get stuck in bad thinking patterns.

You tend to spend a lot of time thinking about the future, philosophy, and relationships (both personal and intellectual).
What Color Is Your Brain?

Your Dominant Intelligence is Linguistic Intelligence

You are excellent with words and language. You explain yourself well.
An elegant speaker, you can converse well with anyone on the fly.
You are also good at remembering information and convicing someone of your point of view.
A master of creative phrasing and unique words, you enjoy expanding your vocabulary.

You would make a fantastic poet, journalist, writer, teacher, lawyer, politician, or translator.

Your Pride Quotient: 62%

You're beyond proud - you think you're honorary royalty.
And while you may be nice on occasion, it's usually just to get what you want.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Finally, I can breathe again! I've handed in the darned Web Page Design Assignment last Friday and sat for the equally darned Web Page Design test on Saturday. Now I'm free as a bird~! Well, not quite, considering that I still have to edit the Writing for Business assignment and do my news report for Writing for Mass Communication...Oh well, that aside, I can finally afford to slack again. At least for a little while more before my other assignments and tests start to overwhelm me again.

After 2 long weeks, my lazy ass instructor finally arranged a lesson again. I'm supposed to leave at 3pm later for my second driving lesson(Yes I'm slow, shut it). I'd surprise myself if I could still remember how to drive at all. My perfect memory and all. Sigh. Shall update on the lesson later if I managed to come back in one piece. Ah...and Poh Nee passed her driving test this week, now she can drive legally! Grats girl! (Yes I know I'm slow dammit)

On a different note, I managed to take a peek at my phone bills today (it's a long story). For those of you who didn't know, I'm quite 'fortunate' in a sense that I do not have to worry about my phone running out of credits since mine is a postpaid line. The reason I put the inverted comma is because my phone line is under my mom. And she pays the bills. Which means she has full view of my bills. I do not have access to it. Though I would certainly wanna know how much I spend each month, I certainly wouldn't wanna talk about my bills in front of my mom lest she asks me to pay for them myself. -_-"

So, anyway, that's not the point. The point is, I sms a lot compared to making phone calls since I prefer expressing myself through words. And I wouldn't know how much I spend each month on my phone bill since I don't have access to it. That means I might will sms a lil too much, sometimes. And my mom will threaten me with my bills. T_T

Therefore, I hereby beg all my lovely friends, change to Maxis please~ *big wet eyes* @.@ You see, they charge me 1cent for each sms sent to a Maxis number. But 15cents when it is sent to another network operator's number. I could sent 15 blardy smses to a Maxis number for that price. Call me stingy. Whatever.

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Update: I suck. Big time. I hate parking. =.- And my arm hurts from all that steering. And I get nervous when cars zoom past me. And I love the divider, so much that I keep veering towards it. Did I mention I suck?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I can't take it anymore...

I'm dying. I need sleep. I'm suffering. I'm having mild dehydration. My eyes hurt. I'm bone tired. I'm whiny. I need my bed. I need 12 hours of sleep. My class is in less than 7 hours time. *whimpers*

I hate web page design!!!

Great, now I've contracted conjunctivitis. T_T


Saturday, August 04, 2007


Change of plans! I'm staying! =p

This is going to be a very very random (read: nonsensical) post. =D

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Was super bored in class the other day. And the also equally bored Hemin let me 'decorate' his finger. =p This is the first version. Personally, I like this better.

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Second edited version. Brian says this looks nicer. Hmph...

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Ever eaten a heart-shaped plum? =D

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Class rept...Jeremy acting cute. >.<" Hair stylist: Poh Nee

Since this is my blog, how can I not cam whore a lil before I end the post. Right? Right.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Gold fish impersonator. I hate gold fish... >.>

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
This is my just woke up face. Haha...

Okay, that's it for today. Sorry if I made several of your brain cells die due to the lameness of this post. But hey! It's my blog. So I don't really care anyway. =p

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Managed to cross out another item on my wish list. I passed all my subjects in my mid-term test! =D Feels quite contented and happy. Though I barely passed my Marketing and Sociology. =.='' That's the consequences for not studying! Do not repeat my mistakes people! Guess I should be thankful that there are 2 writing subjects this semester though. They're kinda similar to English in a way, so that means a lazy bum like me can afford to slack for the 2 subjects. Heh...

I'm supposed to be doing my assignments right now, but feels kinda lazy and started blogging instead. -.-'' So much for not procrastinating huh? Just finished my Management, gonna start on my Writing for Mass Communication now. And then there's the dreaded Web Page Design. I can't design a web page! T.T Anyone care to give me a hand? Sobs...

On a lighter note, I finished my Harry Potter book several days ago. When I first got to know Harry Potter, he was still an innocent eleven-year-old boy who didn't have a clue of what awaits him in the magical world. Then as he grew older every year, I too, grew with him. It's hard to believe that seven years have gone by ever since I saw the first movie and subsequently got hooked on the series. When I first got the last book, I wanted to finish it as fast as I could. But as the end approaches, I wished that it would go on forever instead. I never knew that reading a book can be such an emotional roller coaster. Okay, maybe I exaggerated a lil on the emotional roller coaster thing, but was with a heavy heart when I finally flipped the final page of the book. That's it, finished, the magic is gone, forever. Sigh!!! Still, I think that Harry Potter would live on in the hearts of the many potter-heads out there, including yours truly.

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Farewell, Harry Potter.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

I can't think of a title

It's a rare sight to see me waking up before noon on weekends. And when I do, it usually means:
1. I'm forced to
2. I'm forced to
3. I'm forced to

Well, today is one of those days. I had to get up and get ready by 9am for my first driving lesson. Sleep deprived and food deprived, it's a wonder how I managed to survive the two hours lesson. When i got in the car, the instructor started making small talks (probably trying to ease my nervousness -.-) and he mentioned loads of his previous students' names hoping that I would somehow know one of them (though why, I have no idea)...Sadly for him, I kept shaking my head all the way to our destination. -_-"

The worst part was after he finished explaining how to use the clutch and break and etc, he left me in the car to 'practise' using the gear and stuff...with the engines OFF! I sat in the car and sms-ed my friend for the entire 30mins that he went off for his breakfast. Not to say I did nothing at all! I actually did practise switching the gears and stuff for a while before my leg started protesting. =p Then I drove home.
With the instructor in the car of course...what were you thinking? -.-'' Hehe...although he never let me drove above 60km/hr, it was still quite fun as the engines didn't even stalled once! =D Not bad eh for a first timer? Heh...

Went shopping at Subang Parade. As usual, I had to buy something. I ain't called a shopaholic for nothing you know. Actually, I'm not a hard core shopaholic like some people, I just like shopping alot, that's all. =p I wanted to get a new pair of heels as well, since it's the mega sale now. Guess what, the ones I liked all seems to run out of my size. Ended up buying none while my mom, who didn't plan on buying one, got herself a new pair of heels. Darn shoe stores... T_T Oh well, at least I got myself a new mascara.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

I need a break!!

Short note:
Here's something for you to try. It's one of the strangest things I have ever encountered.
Left brain, right brain trick.
While sitting at your desk, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles.
Now, while doing this, draw the number "6" in the air with your right hand.
Your foot will change direction and there's nothing you can do about it!!

I need a break. A vacation. To get away from my life for a little while. Things has been so busy I can hardly even breathe... Assignments deadlines are fast approaching, tons of tutorial works to do, notes to read, tests to be taken... I feel suffocated. Yet, I can't seem to stop myself from procrastinating.

Got back almost all my mid-term test results except for Sociology (which I'll probably flunk...oh whatever...) and Writing for Mass Comm. True enough, my prediction about my Marketing result came true. I ALMOST flunk the stupid subject. Urgh...see? The consequences of procrastination. I knew perfectly well that I shouldn't be wasting time and doing nonsense but somehow the idea of studying just doesn't appeal to me. I only can do well in subjects that I do not need to study for, subjects which requires more common knowledge than technical and theoretical knowledge. In other words, I'm just plain lazy to study. Is there a cure for laziness? Because if there is, I'd very much like to know about it.

But I digress. I seriously think I need a break. Life hasn't exactly been a bed of roses recently. Not that it has ever been a bed of roses anyway. I want to get away from it all. Cut myself some slack. I've been slaving over my 'group' assignments till I almost forgot they were supposed to be 'group' assignments. And I haven't been myself lately. I'm operating on only a few hours of sleep every single night...and everyone knows if I do not get my 8 hours every night I'll be like a zombie. My fuse also tends to blow more easily. I get easily irritated when people say stupid lame things, I get irritated when people do not use their brain when they do or say something. I just do not feel like putting on a mask and pretending to be patient and kind or whatever when they pisses me off. For goodness sake, use the fking BRAIN!

Then there's the driving school stuff. Turns out the idiot didn't lose my photo afterall. I went and spent another RM12 to take my license photo and when I went to the office to pass it to him, I asked him to double check the computer. Woe and behold! My pretty face is staring back at me from the computer screen. WTF. Wasted my money and he didn't even bother to refund me the RM10 I gave him. Now I have a bunch of fugly license photo sitting on my table. Great. Just great. friend called last night and told me they're planning a trip to Redang island next next week. I missed Redang so so much! Haven't been there for so long and I'm dying to go again. And I've missed my friends too. Problem is, it's kinda last minute since I have to confirm almost immediately last night and they're going on weekdays, which means I'll have to skip 3 days of classes. Doubt my parents will be very happy about that. So, sigh, probably won't be going. =(

Oh by the way, I need a new phone. My current one's like crap. Preferably Sony Ericsson. So, any kind souls out there would like to recommend me a nice one? Budget's only aroung 1k though...dead broke. Sigh...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I think I'm getting more and more superficial. Today I went to my old blog out of pure boredom. I looked through my old posts and suddenly it hits me in the face. My old posts used to be more personal and much simpler. There wasn't any pictures, just mainly about my feelings and thoughts. Hence the blog name. 'My world in words'.

When I shifted back to blogspot, I retained the name as I thought it suited my blog quite well. But then, when I reread my recent posts again, I felt that somehow they were much less about what I'm really feeling inside. I'm actually ready to admit that some of the posts were even quite pointless as they're mainly just picture posts without much meaning. I originally set up a blog to chronicle my life's journey and experiences. Now it seems like my original intention were lost in the midst of everything.

I do not like the way things are going and I really hope to change the way I am before this blog turns into a complete bimbo blog like the ones I used to laugh at. Let's just hope I can remain true to myself.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Note: I didn't sleep at all on the 21st of July. Wonder if it's some new record for me. >.<"

For people who know me. They should know I love Harry Potter to death. I have every single frigging book and I've watched every Harry Potter movie at least twice. Thrice. Or maybe more. For people who don't know me, well, now you do. So 21st of July was kinda like a big deal to me. It was THE day the final book of the Harry Potter series is coming out in stores. The final piece to the puzzle that started 10years ago on a train.

Truth is, I've been a bookworm ever since I was a kid. Ask my grandma about the times she stood in Popular to stand guard over me as I squat on the floor reading books for hours on end. Once, she got fed up of standing in a bookstore as her granddaughter reads. So she ended up buying 10books at one go just so that she wouldn't have to endure the dreadful experience anymore. Boy, was she wrong. After a few more weeks, it's back to the bookstore for the both of us. =D

But I digress. Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows was on top my wishlist and a newly acquired friend (by newly I mean about 1month+) generously offered to try and get me the autographed book which were given out free of charge to the first three people who went to Kinokuniya on the 21st of January. So the slightly crazy fella really went off to KLCC and stayed there overnight to get the book for lil ol' me. And to think that he doesn't even read any of the Harry Potter books and has only watched the first Harry Potter way back in 2001. >.> (I guess he probably was the only fella there who has not a clue what the whole Harry Potter mania was about) I wonder if he lives in a cave these past few years or what. He says the titles are too long and confusing and he got the books and movies mixed up so he stopped watching them. =.=" Major sweat. Okay lah...since he got me the book, shall not say mean things about him anymore lah...Thanks alottttt for this (very) early Christmas prezzie ya! And thanks for completing my entire collection. =) Oh, he told me one of the interesting conversations he overheard at the KLCC park entrance where they were waiting for the guards to open the gate and let them (rush) in. It goes something like this:

Nerd (to companion): If I've magic, I would make myself invisible & so that the guards don't see me so I can line up first.

Phen (this sounds waaaay more logical): What the hell? If I can be invisible, steal the book and go home la. Still line up for what?!

Classic. That should justify my (intense) dislike for nerds.

So to the *cough*mighty*cough*Phen, thanks a lot and even though you didn't manage to get into the top 13 to qualify for the free books, still you forked out money to get it for me. Then you practically delivered it to my doorstep in the middle of the night just so I could read it asap. *Cherrie feels bad now*

Still, I was ecstatic to have the book. Thus, some camwhoring is definitely in order. Please please ignore the panda eyes. I do not have Photoshop and I would be too lazy to do edit every one of my pictures anyway. So yea, ignore em. Thank you very muchies.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Me found this. Outside my house. 11pm. Lols...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I got it! Finally! Mine! Muacks! <3

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Me love Harry Potter. Too bad it's the last book. =(

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Oooh...look at the quill. The book comes with a quill! I can write like Harry! (No wonder his words were fugly in the movie, you try writing with a feather and see!)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Oh look! Comes with a Christmas card as well. (Fine!>>)
Ah Phen is only July lar... =.= Bo calender?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Heh book of my collection!
I love me Harry Potter book! Gonna read it tonight. I already look like a panda anyway. Bah...

Thanks again!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter & MSN

Today, is D day the final Harry Potter book came out. My friend promised to get it for me. Thanks for queuing up all night at KLCC for the book! Appreciate it loads~! =) ( Although you didn't manage to get the free ones, still, it's the thought that counts!) But one of the cons is that I can't get my hands on the book immediately. Thus, I had to endure this.

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Then he does this.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Darn you Luke. Darn you! If you see someone like this beside your bed tonight, you should know who it is.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Feel the wrath of Sadako!!

And then...someone else does this.

POTENTIAL HARRY POTTER 7 SPOILERS AHEAD!!! Stop scrolling down unless you read the book already.



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No, I'm not putting the website here. If you wanna know. Ask me.

Owh...someone complained I didn't mention my onions here. If you don't already know, I have a secret fetish about onions. No, not THOSE onions. They're these cute lil thing that are amazingly misunderstood. I swear, I've seen people calling them earless cats to white chicken! Gosh's a frigging onion! =.= Sheesh. Anyway, a tribute to someone nice who got me THE book I wanted for so long and finally my collection is completed. But more on that later. Now, a favourite onion of mine that he claims to hate. I seriously doubt anyone can hate something this cute though.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
You tell me cute how to hate?

But I tell you hor...the funniest was this.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I swear people on msn are getting weirder and weirder everyday. >.>

Edit: I got the book!! It's 11pm! Shall post more about that the next time I update. =)

Friday, July 20, 2007


I just woke up. At 11pm. No thanks to a certain someone who woke me up to go yam cha >.> I think I haven't slept like this in a long time.Went to take my nap at around 2pm...ended up... -.-''
Nevermind! I have a mission tonight anyway. I have to teman a nicie since he very nice promise to get me a certain book that I wanted =D Thanks nicie!!

Had a really long night the day before. I actually stayed up until 4am doing the freaking mass comm assignment. Swt...And I CAN'T STAND the fella anymore! I swear, in my 11 years of education I've NEVER EVER saw a lecturer who ask the student to stop the presentation half way just because HE said there wasn't enough time. And it was already the last slide. Ridiculous I tell you. And while he "listen" to our presentation, he sat in his seat like some spineless person who couldn't care less about what the presenters are speaking. This guy is utter nonsense. Grr... Did I tell you I can't stand lecturers who uses Manglish when they teach? Well, now you know.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Thanks to Poh Nee, I get to watch this for free. In fact, I watched it for free and before it was even officially released! =D

The movie was nice. Of course it was. It's free la, come on people. Haha... XD I've never been to Cineleisure's cinema before even though I stay just a mere few kilometers away >.> Not that I don't wanna go, it's just that everytime I want to go there for a movie, they're always fully booked! to go? You tell me la...
Overall the movie was quite exciting (I'm easy to please hehe...the only time I scoffed at a movie in the cinema was when I watched a Korean horror flick called
Teh Wig, it was the lamest,UNscariest scary movie ever. Heck, even the scary movie is scarier than their wig. Ish...), I was covering my mouth almost the entire time I think. -.-'' At least I didn't cover my eyes okay?! I never do that. =D Oops! I won't spoil it! Watch it yourself, bah!

Oh! I almost forgot a vital part of my evening! I saw a certain so hot can die person while I was passing by the Curve on my way to Cineleisure. Ashraf Sinclair! With an unidentified friend whose face I didn't see. Aww...come on,
he was standing beside Ashraf Sinclair, you can't blame me for not seeing/recognising him. hot can die man!!! @.@ So, happy bubbly me went off to Cineleisure for my movie. When we came out from the cinema at around 11+ and on my way to the parking lot, guess who I saw again? =D Mr.Ashraf is still in the Curve! *swoons* How I wish I could stay at Laundry the whole night. Darn curfew! T.T

Monday, July 16, 2007

Weird weird day

Hmm...has anyone ever heard of the driving school losing your license photo and you had to go take another one yourself to replace the lost one? Well, now you do. MY FREAKING DRIVING INSTRUCTOR LOST MY LICENSE PHOTO!! Here's what happened. I posted about taking my license photo awhile back. So one fine weekend morning while I was still in slumberland, the driving instructor decided to disrupt my peace by waking me up. Then he delivered the bad news, "Eh the photo ar...your license wan's lost..."


So now I'm supposed to go take another one and pass it to him asap to make my L license. and my luck. Fantastic.

On a lighter note, I had classes from 8am till 6pm today. Okay that's not very happy. What I meant to say was, I had some fun slacking and talking in class today. And eating. He he...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Writing for Business lecture. Not my fault the pic is blur, blame Brian's shaky hands. =p

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Please ignore the panda eyes. >.<" 8am class remember? Hmm...seems like I never pay attention in this subject huh? I just noticed the last post where I took pics of my friends slacking were also in Writing for Business. >.>

After class, my mom, bro and me went to the SS2 pasar malam (night market) and I bumped into a few of my uni friends there as well! =D I completely forgot they were going to pasar malam as well until I saw them there. Well, technically they saw me first. Haha... Anyway, bought tons of things to eat as I was starving though there's dinner at home. >.<" I was hungry okay?! My last meal was around 11am in the morning. T.T (eh hem, ice-cream is not counted =p) So now, I'm stuffed. And my dinner is sitting in front of me, untouched.'s been awhile since I last went to the pasar malam. I couldn't stop myself from buying things as there are so many things there! I bought all foodstuff though. =p Oh another thing! I'm watching Vacancy tomorrow with my friends in Cineleisure. Hope it's a nice movie. =D Shall say more about that after I watch it. Best of all, the tickets are free! Thanks PQ Poh Nee !

Score for today :
Cherrie - 3
Meanie obsessed with football - 1

Hmm...shall get started on the meme soon >.>

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Was feeling bored the other day hehe...Okay fine, I just wanted to neutralise the 1st two ugly pics. >.>

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bored on a Sunday afternoon

54%How Addicted to Blogging Are YoWah...54% @.@ that a lot?



Uh...this is kinda lame >.>

31% Geek

$5400.00The Cadaver Calculator - Find out how much your body is worth. From Mingle2 - Free Online DatingIs that a lot? Or little? o.o Who wants it when I'm dead? =D

I said I was bored, didn't I? >.>, who wants to go shopping? :D
Haiz...I just realised something scary. I binge when I'm bored! As in binging and binging and binging on unhealthy stuffs nonstop! =((( NOOOOO!! Now you know why I don't like to be bored. I'm gonna look like a pig if I keep doing this. I need to get out of the house and have some fun!!! I repeat, who wants to go shopping? =(

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Shop til I drop

My back is killing me. Literally. I can't really feel my feet either. And I just got back from a shopping spree. It's the once in a year J Card Day at One Utama today. So naturally, I have to go! Wouldn't be able to forgive myself if I didn't. Screw the Writing for Mass Comm test and my Web Page Design practical test tomorrow, shopping is life!

Thank goodness my mom had to foresight to have our lunch at home first before going to One Utama...If not, I think I would already have starved to death...We really just shop and shop and shop some more! Went there at around 5pm and reached home at almost 11pm. o.o" Terror. We only had our 'dinner' at around 11pm. By then, EVERYTHING looks good enough to eat to me.

So all in all, me and my mom spent about RM1100 shopping in Jusco today. Excluding food of course. Hey! I said me and my MOM spent around RM1k...not ME ALONE OKAY?? Ish ish... Plus, they have those totally absolutely crazy offers today. You'll probably beat yourself up afterwards if you pass up the offers. Come on, who wouldn't be tempted by those big red 70% SALES sign? Right? Right? Right. =D

I'm feeling very tired and my eyes are killing me now. So I shall post my damages tomorrow. As for now, I have to take a nice long shower and my bed is already beckoning towards me~ I'm coming, I'm coming~

Edit: Okay, here come the pics!

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Applemints top

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Seed top

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Applemints pants (my mom and I actually bought the same pants!! I only realised it after checking the bags when I got home -.-'')

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VJ jeans

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B.U.M. purse to replace my old and worn one! =D

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Gosh the swimsuits are SO cheap...I get to actually buy 2 for the price of 1. SO SO CHEAP!! =D

eh hem...actually, they ALL are cheap! =D =D =D
These are the things that are you see, quite few only ler...the rest are bedsheets, comforters and whatnot. Totally not my fault for spending 1k plus on shopping. =p (Though I still take some of the blame...hehe)
But sigh...I lost some stuffs I wanted to buy. I actually have a few more things that I took...but it was no where to be seen when I got home!! After checking the receipts then I realised I didn't pay for them also, means I must have dropped them somewhere before I made it to the cashier. =( SIGH!!