Sunday, June 24, 2007


First of all, just to let you guys know, I slept at 4am in the morning. No...not due to gaming this time. Amazingly, I stayed up to study. No...your eyesight is fine...I really did type STUDY. Sunday is the day I'm supposed to take my undang*2 test. So, being me, I studied my undang*2 the DAY before the exam itself. -.-'' Ended up staying up til 4am in the morning...though I doubt that helped since by the time I finally decided to give up and go to bed, I'm practically seeing stars already.

And I had to be ready by 9am the next morning! So I got out (or should I say staggered out) of my bed at 8am and made it in time just as the uncle come and take me away for my test. I was supposed to be studying in the car on the way to the place (every minute counts! Or so they say...), but I was so sleepy I couldn't even open my eyes all the way. >.> After what seems like 20mins (or was it 15? o.o), we reached Bandar Kinrara. So all of us went down the car (us being another girl and 3 guys plus me) and went up some dingy staircase to an office like place called Myspeed Bandar Kinrara where we're supposed to take my test. Then I remembered. The fella is going to take a photo to put in my L license, presuming that I pass my test, of course. Oh great, so much for not looking like a total idiot in my license. I have a nagging suspicion that my license photo is going to look somewhat like my UTAR student ID. Which, lemme assure you, is definitely NOT a good thing. Let's just say ugly is an understatement of how I look like in my ID.

The moment of truth! After having my photo taken, I went into a room where it looks sorta like a dingy cyber cafe, except that this one has cubicles. I took about 20mins to finish the test (yes, 20mins! I think keep seeing double is one of the reason I took so long -.-''), actually I checked back my answers again okay? So I didn't really take THAT long to finish my entire test. Haha... Final result? I passed~! =D Okay, barely. I got 42/50, which is the minimum passing mark. But hey! I still passed! That's all I ask for. =) So now, I can go shopping later in peace!!! Whee~~~can't wait to start learning how to drive!

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