Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Horror of horrors

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It's been 2 years. I thought I'd finally put it behind me. All the nightmares, all the headaches, all the suffering. But, I should have known better. I should have known that I wouldn't be so lucky. Lucky things just don't happen to a girl like me. I seems to be destined to eternal doom, without the chance to escape, ever.

Yes, it's come back to haunt me again. Determined to make my life more of a mess than it already is. Mathematics. No, not just Mathematics. It's Additional Mathematics. Doesn't matter if they give it a different name like Mathematics for Business and Social Sciences, there's no need for the smoke screen effect, I can recognise what is Add Maths from a mile away. When I'd finished the dreaded Add Maths paper for my SPM two years ago, I thought that that would be the end of my sufferings, I'd no longer have to slave over a bunch of numbers and weird symbols, trying to make sense of it. Apparently, I. Was. So. Damn. Wrong.

I had always struggled with Add Maths ever since I was in Form 4. I was 15 then. Fast forward 3 years later, I still suck at it. Mathematics is not for a person like me. I can never fully comprehend the 'joy' and 'excitement' that some claim to feel when they managed to solve a particularly challenging Mathematical equation. All I would feel is "Oh finally! Now let's move on..." I would rather write you 5 essays instead of solving 20 Add Maths equations at any given day.

Imagine the shock I felt today when the lecturer stepped into the class and started giving out Maths notes and questions and started blabbing about formulas and what-nots. I nearly died when I looked at my so-called lecture notes. An inch thick of papers, all filled with Mathematics equations, in ENGLISH! Did I mention that in my 18 years of life I had only ever learned Maths in Mandarin and Malay? All the terms and stuff were completely in English this time around. Which means I have to start learning all over again. Great. Fantastic. I can hardly wait for this semester to end. Let's just hope I can pass so I would be able to get to degree year without any problems.

Oh, I should tell you something funny about my Maths lecturer. He's this guy around his late-forties (I'm only guessing-lah of course, I wanted to say fifties but...that seems kinda mean, what if he just looks old? =x) and at first glance, looks just like your normal typical lecturer. But when he opens his mouth, it just cracks me up. No, it's not because he's a joker. It's the way he talks. He ar, he talk ar, like this wan ar, so ar, you can count ar, how many times ar, he says 'ar' in one sentence. He also seems to be seriously lacking basic computer knowledge. That guy doesn't even know how to scroll down the document! "Oh...there's an arrow here...so when I want to scroll down ar, I press this..." HAHAHAHAHA! Now tell me how does that not crack you up?

Sorry, I'm a bit mental. You know, the shock and everything...

It's been awhile since I last camwhored. So there. =D

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-sqiang- said...

u ar
so bad ar
laugh ur lecturer like this ar
wakakaka ar

Jay Cam said...

lol math is pretty hard
bu ti was always good at it!!
: )

good luck lol

Brian aka `Life Sucks` said...

OMG...i saw a ghost on ur blog wei...damn

Cherrie said...

-sqiang-: LOL...u ar... >.>

jay: hehe thx... =p

brian: ya lar ya lar...don't wet your bed tonight...