Saturday, March 31, 2007

Just realised that I'm kinda heartless. I keep forgetting other people. Sigh...I have had people IM-ing me in Msn...then they start chatting with me, asking about my life, my uni and generally all about my stuff la...and there I was, sitting in front of my computer frowning at the screen, wondering who is that. have no idea how bad I feel when they were happily enquiring about my life and then I asked, ' Erm...sorry. But who are you again? ' I seriously feel I'm a jack-ass for being that way. But I just couldn't recall who they are no matter how hard I try.
Hate being so blur...There seems to be alot of things that escaped my attention. I forget people, I forget incidents, I forget words that people say to me that are really important to them...I just forget alot of things. Maybe that's why some people like to take care of me? They just can't help it when they see such a blur case I guess...>.<

Friday, March 30, 2007

I'm sick again. I seem to fall sick every mum says I can't cope with all the pressure haha...Still, I'm glad that I got pretty satisfying results for my public speaking presentation the other day. So, I've decided to make a list of things that I should be grateful for. Here goes:
1. I'm grateful that I got 47/50 for my public speaking presentation, although my hands kept shaking the entire time.
2. I'm grateful for the 6GB Mp3 player I got for my birthday, although it was 2 months late.
3. I'm grateful for passing my economics mid-term test.
4. I'm grateful for being able to sleep till 11.30am on a Saturday (I hardly get to do that anymore because Utar just love having extra classes on Saturdays).
5. I'm grateful that someone loves me.
6. I'm grateful for loving someone.
7. I'm grateful for being able to complain about my pounding head, my sore throat and my runny nose. Because that means I'm still alive.
8. I'm grateful for tissues. (Don't ask me why...just refer to no.7 and you'll get it)
9. I'm grateful for my friends who supported me whenever I was down.
10. I'm grateful for being able to live past my 18th birthday

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I feel the need to type the title out in caps just to show how stress I really am. Campus life is not at all easy and relaxing...tons of presentations and assignments to hand up. Time really seems to flies ESPECIALLY when nearing datelines...
Tomorrow I have my 10mins public speaking presentation and I'm still not done preparing for it...-.-'' My speech barely reaches 7mins...I'm just gonna die straight away. It doesn't help that this presentation alone accounts for 20% of my overall grade T.T
Super super stress...but somehow I can still find time to blog about craps when I'm supposed to be looking for more materials to crap about for tomorrow's presentation...hahaha swt =.=
But I hope it'll be okay as the topic of my presentation is something that I could relate past experiences hehe =p Still, I think this time my lecturer won't be that lenient...I'll have to buck up if I don't wanna fail my public speaking (since I didn't study for my mid-term...oh well...) Sad T.T
And Friday's the due date of economics assignment! Sigh...I hope what I did was good enough...Just ultra stress today...aaaaaaaaaaaaa ='(

Friday, March 02, 2007

Was on my way home from uni today when my mom saw a kitty in the middle of LDP. It was a teeny weeny lil thing...I guess it wouldn't be able to survive through the night with so many cars roaring past...Asked my mom to U-turn back and I did something a lil crazy...I went down the car and grab it. Right on the highway >.<~ Then we went straight to the vet and asked for a check-up. Actually wanted to keep it but my house already has 2 dogs T.T Was considering to put it temporarily at my house till someone can adopt her cos the vet says if we put her at the clinic she would be put down after a week if nobody adopts her...NO WAY! As luck would have it...just as the vet done the deworming, a lady came into the clinic looking for a kitten to adopt! Whoo~ =D So we gave it to her for free instead. I'm just sooooo glad we found her a home so soon. I can't imagine her being put down. She's really one lucky lil kitty and I hope she'll have a wonderful life at her new home. Muax and take care kitty. Will miss u~

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That's my mom's hand...look how tiny the kitty is~

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Cute...ain't it?