Sunday, August 12, 2007


Finally, I can breathe again! I've handed in the darned Web Page Design Assignment last Friday and sat for the equally darned Web Page Design test on Saturday. Now I'm free as a bird~! Well, not quite, considering that I still have to edit the Writing for Business assignment and do my news report for Writing for Mass Communication...Oh well, that aside, I can finally afford to slack again. At least for a little while more before my other assignments and tests start to overwhelm me again.

After 2 long weeks, my lazy ass instructor finally arranged a lesson again. I'm supposed to leave at 3pm later for my second driving lesson(Yes I'm slow, shut it). I'd surprise myself if I could still remember how to drive at all. My perfect memory and all. Sigh. Shall update on the lesson later if I managed to come back in one piece. Ah...and Poh Nee passed her driving test this week, now she can drive legally! Grats girl! (Yes I know I'm slow dammit)

On a different note, I managed to take a peek at my phone bills today (it's a long story). For those of you who didn't know, I'm quite 'fortunate' in a sense that I do not have to worry about my phone running out of credits since mine is a postpaid line. The reason I put the inverted comma is because my phone line is under my mom. And she pays the bills. Which means she has full view of my bills. I do not have access to it. Though I would certainly wanna know how much I spend each month, I certainly wouldn't wanna talk about my bills in front of my mom lest she asks me to pay for them myself. -_-"

So, anyway, that's not the point. The point is, I sms a lot compared to making phone calls since I prefer expressing myself through words. And I wouldn't know how much I spend each month on my phone bill since I don't have access to it. That means I might will sms a lil too much, sometimes. And my mom will threaten me with my bills. T_T

Therefore, I hereby beg all my lovely friends, change to Maxis please~ *big wet eyes* @.@ You see, they charge me 1cent for each sms sent to a Maxis number. But 15cents when it is sent to another network operator's number. I could sent 15 blardy smses to a Maxis number for that price. Call me stingy. Whatever.

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Update: I suck. Big time. I hate parking. =.- And my arm hurts from all that steering. And I get nervous when cars zoom past me. And I love the divider, so much that I keep veering towards it. Did I mention I suck?


-sqiang- said...

haha...really hav to ask ur frens change to maxis if like tat...

parking easy...jus remember the formula...^^

ya,u mentioned that u suck...xD

Cherrie said...



And my memory suck, too.

Anonymous said...

One way of reducing your phone bills regardless of who your provider is would be to...well SMS less. It shouldn't be too difficult.

Cherrie said...

I...have a slight addiction of smsing. >.<"