Sunday, September 02, 2007


All good things must come to an end.
Cliché? Perhaps. But you can't deny that the statement is true.

As much as you might hate for it to end, it will end somehow. One way or another. It's no doubt a pity. But there's nothing we can do to stop it. Or is there?

Actually, I've been on an emotional roller coaster recently. One moment I'm feeling chirpy, the next, I'll be moody. Yes the mood change IS triggered by something, but sometimes, that something is so insignificant even I myself am wondering why on earth I would get upset over it. Alas, I still do. I am weak, I know.

If only I can find the secret to eternal happiness.

Someone wrote this to me when I was feeling like crap. I found it quite true. So I'm quoting her here. (Heh...hope you don't mind, LFF)


By putting on a facade (usually of indifference or happiness), we delude
ourselves into thinking that the problem isn't going to affect us adversely,
it is our security blanket that we placed over ourselves as a way to absorb
the shock of the impact of a certain situation and how we might react to

In a way, it is good because you don't overreact immediately, instead, you
keep telling yourself that it isn't so bad and that it won't hurt, or, whatever you want to tell yourself, and deep down inside you, you know that that's not true, but you don't care because you'd rather delude yourself rather than allow yourself to fall. It cushions the impact, so to speak. It's called self denial.

The bad side about it is that as time passes, realization occurs. When you
suddenly realise that the event DID happen and that it WILL affect you
badly. That's when the brunt of the hurt comes from. All along you have been suppressing the hurt/anger/whatever under that blanket of security you put around yourself, but when the breaking point comes one fine day, it will flood all over you.

The good thing about this situation is that since you gave yourself time to
'delude' yourself initially, your emotions are currently in a more stable
state than previously, where everything was more unstable. Thus you would be able to cope with the surge of emotions more easily.Then when you're done with the mallet of reality hitting down upon your being, you stop your tears, dry your eyes and tell yourself: I have to move on/ solve this problem because I want to be happy.

And then, you move on.




-sqiang- said...

it is true...try lie yourself...
u can become happier...
dont put the hope too high,coz hope big the disappoint bigger...
my english really lolz...T-T

Cherrie said...


I didn't say anything bout ur english x)

But yea, true hor...