Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter & MSN

Today, is D day the final Harry Potter book came out. My friend promised to get it for me. Thanks for queuing up all night at KLCC for the book! Appreciate it loads~! =) ( Although you didn't manage to get the free ones, still, it's the thought that counts!) But one of the cons is that I can't get my hands on the book immediately. Thus, I had to endure this.

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Then he does this.

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Darn you Luke. Darn you! If you see someone like this beside your bed tonight, you should know who it is.

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Feel the wrath of Sadako!!

And then...someone else does this.

POTENTIAL HARRY POTTER 7 SPOILERS AHEAD!!! Stop scrolling down unless you read the book already.



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No, I'm not putting the website here. If you wanna know. Ask me.

Owh...someone complained I didn't mention my onions here. If you don't already know, I have a secret fetish about onions. No, not THOSE onions. They're these cute lil thing that are amazingly misunderstood. I swear, I've seen people calling them earless cats to white chicken! Gosh's a frigging onion! =.= Sheesh. Anyway, a tribute to someone nice who got me THE book I wanted for so long and finally my collection is completed. But more on that later. Now, a favourite onion of mine that he claims to hate. I seriously doubt anyone can hate something this cute though.
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You tell me cute how to hate?

But I tell you hor...the funniest was this.

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I swear people on msn are getting weirder and weirder everyday. >.>

Edit: I got the book!! It's 11pm! Shall post more about that the next time I update. =)


Yellow Cake said...

Yikes! Harry Potter ):^P Must be a "girl" thingy.

I wanna see Michael Moore's "SiCKO" He's from MI, too, 'n the flick won awards from the Cannes Film Festival, to boot. Dunno if yer gonna be able to view the thing, tho'. And it outta be great. In it, he drills George Dubya Bushwhacker a new one again :^)

Cherrie said...

"girl" thing? Hmm...maybe you should see the guys who are crazy bout this book as well. X)

Hmm...I've nvr seen that movie. Doubt it's gonna land on our shores anytime soon. If ever! -.-''

Yellow Cake said...

It's a good passion, Princess. Go for it. And maybe it'll keep ya outta trouble.

Dunno, maybe ya wanna google the words "michael moore" 'n "sicko". It's all political. Can't guarantee that it'll interest ya. But it's my passion and maybe it'll keep me outta trouble, too.

Was involved in music (writing/producing) for a long while but that industry, just as a beautiful woman, can break a man's heart. I've still music publishers in NYC 'n LA who like my stuff. Even had a deal set up with a music company from Jakarta. Our young female singer from San Diego was suppossed to make a video on Bali but that fell through. Oh, well. Cie la vi. Whole lotta other stories 'bout music, too. I've some lyrics posted on my "myspace" blog. Can't set my music to it, tho'. Kinda dumb w/these computers.

hardgay said...

helo cherry, can u give me the spoiler website?

Cherrie said...

yellow cake: Oh...didn't know you're involve in music as well.

Click at your own risk people...If you read the spoilers don't blame me. >.<"

Anonymous said...

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