Sunday, September 30, 2007


Note: All images taken from Stickgirl's blog.

Fell in love

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He has a girlfriend
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Just friends
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A fool
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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Peanut butter?

I. Hate. Traffic. Jams.

Well, who doesn't? But i hate hate hate KL's traffic jam. Everywhere you turn, there's traffic jam. Highway, main road or the back lane, it doesn't matter. It'll still be JAMMED.

Went to KL Tower for the first time today. I know I know...after staying in KL for almost a decade and I've finally gone to KL Tower at long last. I know I'm slow. Whatever.

But truth be told, the view from the observation deck is really cool. Today's kinda rainy, so the view ain't that clear. But I guess it has another kind of feeling to it. We were literally on cloud nine, being surrounded by clouds in the observation deck. But but but...I did not bring a camera. =____= I forgot. Actually I didn't know we were going to KL Tower. So, no pictures to show how nice the view was. ): Sowwee...

After today, I will think thrice whenever I wanna drive down to KL city. I think we actually spent most of our time in the car today. And KL roads are terrible! The road signs were a nightmare... I was so afraid we wouldn't be able to find our way home. -_-''

Actually wanted to check out the Starhill Gallery and all but the jam scared us off... So yea, jammed all the way home after spending less than an hour in KL Tower.

I don't think I wanna drive to KL anytime soon. No, thank you.

Oh and I know it's called traffic congestion. I just like to say jam. I'm a Malaysian what. Bleh.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Goodbye second semester~

Finally. Finally. Finally.
I'm done with my finals!!! Yes you heard right, I'm officially FREE from the clutches of studies for three whole weeks! =D

Had my last paper today. Well, Management was actually quite okay compared to that nightmarish Marketing. Hopefully I'll be able to score for this paper. If not my efforts of waking up at 8am to study will be all wasted. ): Now I can only cross my fingers and hope my CGPA would be higher than 3 this semester. Pressure pressure!! What a lovely word. Except that I do not have much plans...yet. I don't wanna spend my semester break rotting at home! Think I'm gonna use up all my money during my three weeks break for shopping though. >.> *cough*

Oh and by the way, for those of you who enjoys a good read, you should consider getting this book. It's a psychological thriller. One of the better books I've read in recent times. This seriously rocks! Go buy it!!


GOSH! I'm so pissed right now. Went blog hopping to check out my fellow bloggers' posts just now and guess what I saw when I went over to Unstable's blog?

Not sure if you people noticed, but a few days ago there was a sick ass who spammed my chatbox with all sorts of pornographic nonsense. So I blocked his IP address and banned him from posting in my chatbox. So, problem solved. Or so I thought.

Little did I know, THE FUCKER WENT TO OTHER BLOG TO SPAM NONSENSE!! Now you might think that that is none of my business. Normally, yes. But NO! This retarded spastic fucking son of a bitch spammed Unstable's chatbox using my name! He pretended to be me! WTF???

I would like to clarify that the sicko who spammed your chatbox was NOT me. I'm really sorry about this Unstable. And uh...would you kindly remove the sickass' messages from your chatbox? And banning the user's IP address might be a good thing to do as well. Paiseh!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Take a hint, will you?

Note: Pointless rant ahead. Proceed at your own risk.

Sometimes, it amazes me to see just how stupid a person can get. There is this guy, let's call him B, he was my senior in secondary school but I never really noticed him as we have totally nothing in common. Even back then, I never really liked him as he has a reputation of always trying to hook up with pretty girls. He would go after one of them, and after being rejected, he would target another one the very next day. And he wasn't even good looking. At all.

So fast forward to after I graduate from secondary school, somehow this guy got hold of my number and started sms-ing me and called me even though I told him I don't like people calling me on the phone. Being the nice person I am, I replied his smses although I don't even like him, not even as a friend. Then after sometime, I got sick of him and stopped replying his smses or phone calls. The calls stopped after awhile. (If you really must know, he started hitting on me even though I told him I was attached. And he would try to ask me out again and again. Not that I went anyway. So I got really annoyed and decided to get him out of my life.)

Just when I had erased this person from my memory, I had the misfortune of bumping into him in a mall late last year. I mumbled some excuse that I lost my phone and ran off as fast as I could. The bastard had the nerve to call my phone afterwards with a different number! I answered it and once I knew it was him. I immediately hung up. And ignored his smses.

Now, a normal sane person would've taken the not-so-subtle hint and stop harassing me right? NO! Months after that fateful incident, I'd completely forgotten about his existence. Again. Til he called me again last night. With yet another different number! WTF? I stupidly answered yes when he said my name. Then he told me who he is. Gosh...I hung up on him after mumbling something incoherent. But the fucker is obviously so thick-skinned that he sent me another message, saying he just wanna make sure I was still using the same number wtf. When I didn't reply, he had the nerve to call again! Goodness, he is the most most most thick-skin person I've ever met in my entire life. WHY ON EARTH CAN'T YOU TAKE THE HINT? I do not want to hear from you or keep in touch with you at all!

He's like a stupid boomerang that keeps coming back no matter how many times you toss it away. I freaking hate this kind of people. Stupid stupid stupid. Now my mood is ruined. All thanks to the fucking asshole. Argh!

Okay, enough about the asshole. Had my Writing for Business paper today. Tougher than I thought. I almost missed out the last section because I didn't flip the page. -_-'' Now I just hope I wouldn't make too much careless mistakes. This is one of the papers that I'm aiming to score for. Since I wouldn't be able to score for my Marketing exam which falls on Monday. T_T

Oh, and I just got my license. HAHAHA...Beware people! Yes it looks fugly, but that's not the point. The point is, I can drive legally now! xD

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Because it's my blog

Because I'm a camwhore. Because I miss seeing my face on my blog. Because you can't stop me. Muahaha...

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Excuse the redness of the face. Alcohol always does this to me.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I was trying to see how I'd look with dark colour nails.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Why do I look yellow... =.=

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Because I just like camwhoring.

Apparently they can't read.

Le-sigh. I've sort of half given up on my Friendster already. Too freaking lazy to maintain it. One of the main reason is that there seems to be less and less intelligent lifeforms on Friendster nowadays.

Okay, so let's review some of the idiotic things that people do on Friendster these days. Yes yes, the topic has been discussed to death. But those people never cease to exist. And they piss me off.

1. Everyday I'd get some friend request from some guy who has like about 700 other chicks in his friends list, with loads of comments ddat l00kss lYkk dhhissh. It hurts my eyes just trying to see what on earth are they typing. Worse if the guy who added me also types in the same way. It's bad enough a girl types like a complete retard. When a guy does it, it's even more disgusting. Ugh...

2. Then there are those idiots that spam your inbox with nonsense. They'd send like 10 messages a day which contains some link to some websites with some boring nonsensical contents. FYI, I do not even bother to visit those links. My mouse automatically clicks on the delete button on its own whenever I see such messages omfg. I have no control over it at all!

3. These are the kind of retards that either never went to school or dropped out of kindergarten.
I mean come on...don't people bother to read anymore? I even got rid of my long ass self-biography and typed a measly 50 words in the About me section for the benefits of those illiterate retards. Still, they chose to ignore it and continue to act like a tard.

Just to let you know, I do not reply messages. Unless you've something interesting to say. If you wanna ask for permission to add me, don't bother messaging me. I'd rather you just add.

This is what I wrote on my profile. But there'd still be retards who floods my inbox with crap. Which are of course, ignored.

Subject: hihi
Message: can addd u?wat u email add?
My email is in my profile, retard.

Subject: <<>>
Message: can be a friend?
if can pls reply me
wating for u reply o>>>>>
Learn to read? Perhaps?

Subject: hi
Message: can i add u as fren

There, I finally replied. Happy now?

4. And then there are those that locks their profile. How on earth am I supposed to know who the heck is he when the profile is restricted to the people in his friends list only?! Great, fantastic, fabulous. You want to add me yet I don't know who are you. If I wanna see, I'd have to approve first. dash underscore dash

5. The spammers. Spam spam and spam. And those stupid chain letters. If those things were real I would've died a thousand times already. Maybe even more. Gosh how can people be so stupid as to really believe those rubbish. And no, Friendster is not going to shut down just because you don't forward the spam that supposedly came from the manager of Friendster.

I could have gone on forever, but just in case you guys die of boredom, I shall stop here. Now WHERE on earth is my driving license?!



Monday, September 17, 2007


I passed.



I'm a happy girl~! =D
(and no, I didn't kill anyone)

I got 17/20 for my on the road test. And I managed to pass my slope, parking and three-point turn on my first try! Yayness! *kembangs* Plus, the JPJ officers were kinda nice to me. Heck, one of them even smiled at me when I went to take my form. Hah, I'm glad I didn't get tested by one of those mean ones.

Should be getting my P license within this week. So don't say I haven't warn you people!
*Psst* I never took my QTI.

Anyways!! I bought two books last night. Am half way through the first book already. Happy happy~ I think I can just go live in a bookstore and I'll be happy. =D

Pardon me if you think this is a lame post. I really don't have any idea what to write about. I thought about telling you how my entire driving test went. But that will probably bore you all. So I'm just gonna tell the main point. Which I already did. In case you haven't noticed though,

I passed!!!

Okay, that's all. Oh, and thanks for all the wishes peeps. Appreciate it a lot! Muacks! You guys are the best!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tagging 101

Seems like quite a few people I tagged doesn't quite get how tags works. I'm feeling nice today, so I'm gonna do a lil tutorial for you. =) Say thank you won't you? x)

Okay, first of all, what are tags? Tag is basically a game played by children. It's a catching game-lah basically. If you get caught by your friend, then it's now your turn to catch another friend. Geddit? No? I suck at explaining. Sorry.

Now this blog tagging thingy is similar to the game. In a sense that when you're tagged by someone, you have to do the tag as well. And the vicious cycle goes on...and on...and on...

What am I supposed to do when I'm tagged? ):

Well, most of the tags are really similar. Take my most recent tag as an example.
The bolded text is the topic. For example, I typed 10 people you love (excluding family). That is the title. You're supposed to list out the names of 10 people you love. Then you move on to the next topic. Eg. 10 things you wanna do before you die. Then you list out the 10 things you wanna do before you die (duh -_-). And when you finish the entire tag, you can tag other people! =)

p/s: Not everyone bolds the topic. It's just that I think it's neater that way. Or maybe I'm just weird. Meh...

So there are several types of tags out there. Some are picture tags. (I hate those -.-) Some are just plain text tags like the ones I posted. It's basically very simple and usually requires a very short time to complete so I kinda like them. Especially when I'm having blogger's block. xD

So that concludes my short tutorial. If you still don't get what the hell I'm trying to say...well, I'm sorry because that's the best I can do. I'm not a good teacher. Will never be one I think. Lols...
Now all those people I tagged can't give me that 'I don't know how to do the tag' excuse anymore! Shoo shoo go do my tag!


On another note, I'm taking my driving test on Monday! Wish me luck!! I'm gonna need all the luck I can get. Let's hope I won't
1. Roll down the slope
2. Stalled in the middle of the road
3. Bang down the sticks... or cones... whatever...
4. Kill someone / myself *gasps*

Ah, and my P license will look like shit (Assuming that I'm gonna pass the exam of course). Because the photos I took suck big time. Sad sad sad...why can't I be photogenic huh? )): Darn.

Hah guess what, I bought a new nail polish. It's....RED. It's my first red polish. I can't handle red very well. That's probably why I don't buy any red polish or lipstick or what-so-ever.My mom says I'm not sexy enough to wear red. Bah! I'm gonna try anyway. I'm feeling adventurous today. Let's see if I can pull it off shall we?

Edit: TMD!! I kena conned! @%^$# It's a very deep shade of PINK! WTH...Damn ugly lar! ZZZ...I want RED!

Edit edit: Ugh...and it's kinda gooey. Which reminds me of...-_-'' Gross...I want blood red! Not some magneta red wannabe! =( sobx... I'll get one next week. Urgh. 

I almost forgot!

Happy birthday phen!


Thursday, September 13, 2007


Note: I'm contemplating on moving over to wordpress. Yes I know I just shifted back here a few months ago...but I think I need the password protected post feature that blogger doesn't offer. But my blog has been developing nicely over here, so shifting might cause, well, disruption. Should I shift? Or not?
But then again, wordpress doesn't seem to be as user-friendly as blogger. Which might be a problem for technology-retards like me. >.> How??

Okay, sorry for the unimaginative title. My brain is not functioning very well nowadays. The title relates to a tag which I'm about to do if you're wondering ( yes, thank you very much brian...). Yes yes I know, two tags in 2 weeks? What on earth am I thinking? Am I running out of ideas to blog already? Well, I'm bored, and I really do not have much to blog about anyway. Like I said, brain not functioning well enough!

Had my Web Page Design exam today, which I didn't study for. Actually, I planned on studying...but but...I was lazeee...So I fell asleep holding the book. Next thing I know, it's morning already. >.> And not to mention I was late for the the exam...I walked into the exam hall 10 minutes after everyone started omgwthbbq! So malu-fying. The paper wasn't bad per se, but it definitely wasn't good either. If I'm really lucky I might be able to scrap a B- I guess. Sigh... Next up, Writing for Mass Comm on Monday. Hope I'll be able to do well in it then. Sigh why is my life so sucky? T.T

Bla bla bla, let's get on with the tag.

Answer everything, then tag 10 people.
Great, seven was hard enough, now 10?!

10 people you love (excluding family) lol...right
1. My bestie, yong
2. All my friends, you know who you are (inserts 8 people's name here)
3. Me, myself and I

10 things you wanna do before you die
1. Slap her
2. Learn to play a musical intrument, preferably piano
3. Be good in at least ONE thing

I did this in the previous tag, so I'm only going to do 3 more here. Heh, I'm lazy I know. =p

10 things you cannot live without
1. My cellphone
2. Computer
3. Internet
4. My blog
5. Money
6. Music
7. My friends
8. My bed
9. Books
10. Food (duh)

10 bad habits
1. Procrastinating!!!11!
2. Doing last minute work
3. Lack of self control
4. Lack of determination
5. Repeating previous mistakes
6. Too sarcastic at times
7. Bad temper
8. Not concentrating in classes
9. Almost always late
10. Spitting out vulgarities

10 attitudes that turn you off
1. Show-offs
2. Liar
3. Assuming they are always right
4. Do not give people a chance to tell their side of the story
5. Too boring
6. Overbearing
7. Shallow minded
8. Back-stabbing
9. Overprotective
10. Trying too hard

10 words to describe yourself
1. Lazy
2. Pessimistic
3. Blur
4. Sarcastic
5. Boring
6. Emo
7. Temperamental
8. Cute (or so they say)
9. Selfish

10 favourite artistes
1. Avril Lavigne
2. Kelly Clarkson
3. My Chemical Romance
4. The Veronicas
5. S.H.E.
6. Westlife
7. Jay Chou
8. Mariah Carey
9. Plain White T's
10. Greenday

10 people to tag (I really don't have any idea who to tag, and I'm feeling nice today, so I'm gonna let you decide if you wanna do it or not, see, I'm such a nice person...)


Oh and by the way, I'm hungry =(

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I'm so dead

Note: Freaking Maxis broadband is lagging like shit again. You have no idea how many times I have to click the refresh button just to edit this post. And I'm forced to use IE which gives me a lot of crap pop-ups and stuff instead of Firefox because Firefox is freaking buggy and refuses to load any page at all at the moment. And the idiotic Opera is not compatible with the blogger's page so I couldn't use it as well. There, you see, I'm so nice to go through 3 internet browsers and pressing F5 countless times to refresh the page and publish this post just so you could read my rants online. Now say thank you.

I am supposed to go for my driving lesson today. Ended up skipping it because I was too lazy to wake up. >.<

Watched Evan Almighty last night. Funny movie. My friend laughed til face cramp. >.> Lols...go catch it if you need a good laugh. =)

Anyway, had my first exam yesterday. Sociology was...well, to put it mildly, bad. As in bad til I can go bang wall and die bad. I practically died when I saw the questions... *mumbles about misleading tips* I finished the 2 hour paper in 40 minutes. Just great. Now let's just hope I don't flunk this paper. I do NOT want to see the idiotic lecturer's face for another semester thank you very much.

Next up, Web Page Designing. And speaking of which, I'm supposed to be studying right now instead of blogging. But I can't help iiiitttt... Procrastinating is a part of me. )): Ugh, I can't wait for my finals to finish. I'm in need of a mass shopping trip. And perhaps a trip too. *allthankstopohnee&phen'sblogs*

Oh and by the way, I'm thinking of switching course. I originally chose broadcasting as my major next year. But now I'm thinking about switching over to PR. Advice anyone?

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Pictures pictures pictures... lappie is finally repaired, be prepared to be flooded by pictures. Wuakakakaka...

Oh, be warned, this post makes no sense. =) It's just here because I feel like camwhoring.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Web Page Design presentation day.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Messy hair... >.>

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Yes I know they're short. Shut up.

Oh, and today's lesson was far better. At least nobody honk me. =D

Saturday, September 08, 2007


Note: Try typing "=rand (200,99)" in Microsoft word. Minus the quote marks. Kewl trick.

I don't think I can pass my driving test. I suck. Big time. Argh! Why the fuck do we have to learn manual gear anyway if I'm going to be driving an auto car once I get my license? This is just so paradoxical. And fuck those people who honk like nobody's business. Cannot see the 'L' sign isit?? Blardy Idiots.

Excuse me for my emo-ness these days. I get stressed out whenever my exams are getting near. In this case, Monday. Crap. I'm so dead. Ugh...cheer me up anyone?

Friday, September 07, 2007


I have a confession to make. Actually, multiple confessions.
So let's start.

1. I confess I should actually be cramming for my finals which starts on Monday instead of blogging/gaming all day and night.
2. I confess I have been tagged 3 times and I still haven't done any of them yet.
3. I confess somewhere deep inside I'm trying to suppress my feelings.

Poh Nee tagged me. And this one is easier than the other 2 tags, so Imma do this first. =p

7 things to do before my death
1. Be famous
2. Travel the world
3. Fall deeply and passionately in love
4. Be filthy rich
5. Try bungee-jumping/sky-diving
6. Write a book?
7. Get a Ferrari/Lamborghini

7 things I will not do even if it kills me
1. Smoke
2. Do drugs
3. Be a stripper/prostitute
4. Act like a retard
5. Betray my friend's trust in me
6. Have a sex-change operation
7. Eat a cockroach

7 things I do when I'm away from the public
1. Sing in the shower
2. Scream into my pillow
3. Cry
4. Write emo poetry
5. Walk around naked in my room
6. Daydream
7. Talk to myself >.>

7 favourite sentences/quotes
1. Fuck off
3. Go die
4. Rules are meant to be broken
5. WTF
7. Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former

(hey whoever told you I was nice anyway?)

7 favourite songs of all time
1. Forever love - Lee Hom
2. Leave me alone - The Veronicas
3. When you're gone - Avril Lavigne
4. Because of you - Kelly Clarkson
5. Secret - Jay Chou
6. Innocence - Avril Lavigne
7. Hey there Delilah - Plain White Tees

7 things I’ll make you wish you didn’t do if you did
1. Back stab me
2. Pestering me nonstop
3. Act like a retard
4. Accuse me of something I didn't do
5. Disturb me when I'm sleeping
6. Piss me off
7. Use me

7 people I would tag (if they have blogs/are still alive)
1. Luke
2. Stephen
3. Sue Yen
4. Shao Yong
5. Avril Lavigne
6. -sqiang-
7. A certain someone who is on my mind now

Sunday, September 02, 2007


All good things must come to an end.
Cliché? Perhaps. But you can't deny that the statement is true.

As much as you might hate for it to end, it will end somehow. One way or another. It's no doubt a pity. But there's nothing we can do to stop it. Or is there?

Actually, I've been on an emotional roller coaster recently. One moment I'm feeling chirpy, the next, I'll be moody. Yes the mood change IS triggered by something, but sometimes, that something is so insignificant even I myself am wondering why on earth I would get upset over it. Alas, I still do. I am weak, I know.

If only I can find the secret to eternal happiness.

Someone wrote this to me when I was feeling like crap. I found it quite true. So I'm quoting her here. (Heh...hope you don't mind, LFF)


By putting on a facade (usually of indifference or happiness), we delude
ourselves into thinking that the problem isn't going to affect us adversely,
it is our security blanket that we placed over ourselves as a way to absorb
the shock of the impact of a certain situation and how we might react to

In a way, it is good because you don't overreact immediately, instead, you
keep telling yourself that it isn't so bad and that it won't hurt, or, whatever you want to tell yourself, and deep down inside you, you know that that's not true, but you don't care because you'd rather delude yourself rather than allow yourself to fall. It cushions the impact, so to speak. It's called self denial.

The bad side about it is that as time passes, realization occurs. When you
suddenly realise that the event DID happen and that it WILL affect you
badly. That's when the brunt of the hurt comes from. All along you have been suppressing the hurt/anger/whatever under that blanket of security you put around yourself, but when the breaking point comes one fine day, it will flood all over you.

The good thing about this situation is that since you gave yourself time to
'delude' yourself initially, your emotions are currently in a more stable
state than previously, where everything was more unstable. Thus you would be able to cope with the surge of emotions more easily.Then when you're done with the mallet of reality hitting down upon your being, you stop your tears, dry your eyes and tell yourself: I have to move on/ solve this problem because I want to be happy.

And then, you move on.