Monday, August 27, 2007

The reason you see me offline forever

Watched Secret on Saturday. I'm not a big fan of Jay Chou but this movie seriously rawks! Especially considering the fact that he is a first time director. The plot is a pleasant surprise. It's not your typical romance movie but rather one that has substance and style. I've fallen in love with the way he plays the piano~ ♫

Now I just have to catch Ratatouille. Food! Gourmet food!

Pet peeves. Trying to decipher an msn conversation after a long day.

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I tried, believe me. I tried to understand, I tried to tolerate it. But I just can't.
I don't freaking have time to decipher every single line of your message okay?!

I have much better things to do.


-sqiang- said...

it's funny...

Cherrie said...

Heh...I have one whole list of that kind of people. >.>

Really make me frus lolz...