Sunday, July 29, 2007

I can't think of a title

It's a rare sight to see me waking up before noon on weekends. And when I do, it usually means:
1. I'm forced to
2. I'm forced to
3. I'm forced to

Well, today is one of those days. I had to get up and get ready by 9am for my first driving lesson. Sleep deprived and food deprived, it's a wonder how I managed to survive the two hours lesson. When i got in the car, the instructor started making small talks (probably trying to ease my nervousness -.-) and he mentioned loads of his previous students' names hoping that I would somehow know one of them (though why, I have no idea)...Sadly for him, I kept shaking my head all the way to our destination. -_-"

The worst part was after he finished explaining how to use the clutch and break and etc, he left me in the car to 'practise' using the gear and stuff...with the engines OFF! I sat in the car and sms-ed my friend for the entire 30mins that he went off for his breakfast. Not to say I did nothing at all! I actually did practise switching the gears and stuff for a while before my leg started protesting. =p Then I drove home.
With the instructor in the car of course...what were you thinking? -.-'' Hehe...although he never let me drove above 60km/hr, it was still quite fun as the engines didn't even stalled once! =D Not bad eh for a first timer? Heh...

Went shopping at Subang Parade. As usual, I had to buy something. I ain't called a shopaholic for nothing you know. Actually, I'm not a hard core shopaholic like some people, I just like shopping alot, that's all. =p I wanted to get a new pair of heels as well, since it's the mega sale now. Guess what, the ones I liked all seems to run out of my size. Ended up buying none while my mom, who didn't plan on buying one, got herself a new pair of heels. Darn shoe stores... T_T Oh well, at least I got myself a new mascara.


-sqiang- said...

really shopaholic!!!=.="
title is: my Sunday

Cherrie said...

Still okay lar...I oni bought 1 thing. Xp

Lols...I think so long still dunno wad to put. Just leave it oni ler =p

Yellow Cake said...

WoW! Such a lovely photo. You take my breath away. Missed ya, Princess.

(Jus' got home after nine days in hell)

pohnee said...

hey i was at parade on sunday too! o.o

Cherrie said...

yellow cake : 9 days in hell? o.o Hmm...what pic?

Poh Nee : Oh reli? o.o How come I didn't see u. =O

Yellow Cake said...

The photo on top. The new one. The one done up in sepia where yer sittin' on the window ledge, all barefoot 'n stuff. It's nice. The camera luvs ya, Sweety. I'll draw that one fer ya soon, too.

And a tip o' the lid to the photographer, as well.

Cherrie said...

LOL! Ain't me...seriously. X)

Yellow Cake said...

Yeah, that's right. Spoil the illusion :^(