Thursday, September 20, 2007

Apparently they can't read.

Le-sigh. I've sort of half given up on my Friendster already. Too freaking lazy to maintain it. One of the main reason is that there seems to be less and less intelligent lifeforms on Friendster nowadays.

Okay, so let's review some of the idiotic things that people do on Friendster these days. Yes yes, the topic has been discussed to death. But those people never cease to exist. And they piss me off.

1. Everyday I'd get some friend request from some guy who has like about 700 other chicks in his friends list, with loads of comments ddat l00kss lYkk dhhissh. It hurts my eyes just trying to see what on earth are they typing. Worse if the guy who added me also types in the same way. It's bad enough a girl types like a complete retard. When a guy does it, it's even more disgusting. Ugh...

2. Then there are those idiots that spam your inbox with nonsense. They'd send like 10 messages a day which contains some link to some websites with some boring nonsensical contents. FYI, I do not even bother to visit those links. My mouse automatically clicks on the delete button on its own whenever I see such messages omfg. I have no control over it at all!

3. These are the kind of retards that either never went to school or dropped out of kindergarten.
I mean come on...don't people bother to read anymore? I even got rid of my long ass self-biography and typed a measly 50 words in the About me section for the benefits of those illiterate retards. Still, they chose to ignore it and continue to act like a tard.

Just to let you know, I do not reply messages. Unless you've something interesting to say. If you wanna ask for permission to add me, don't bother messaging me. I'd rather you just add.

This is what I wrote on my profile. But there'd still be retards who floods my inbox with crap. Which are of course, ignored.

Subject: hihi
Message: can addd u?wat u email add?
My email is in my profile, retard.

Subject: <<>>
Message: can be a friend?
if can pls reply me
wating for u reply o>>>>>
Learn to read? Perhaps?

Subject: hi
Message: can i add u as fren

There, I finally replied. Happy now?

4. And then there are those that locks their profile. How on earth am I supposed to know who the heck is he when the profile is restricted to the people in his friends list only?! Great, fantastic, fabulous. You want to add me yet I don't know who are you. If I wanna see, I'd have to approve first. dash underscore dash

5. The spammers. Spam spam and spam. And those stupid chain letters. If those things were real I would've died a thousand times already. Maybe even more. Gosh how can people be so stupid as to really believe those rubbish. And no, Friendster is not going to shut down just because you don't forward the spam that supposedly came from the manager of Friendster.

I could have gone on forever, but just in case you guys die of boredom, I shall stop here. Now WHERE on earth is my driving license?!




-sqiang- said...

lol...this article funny...
it oso write out wat i feel n wat i wan to say about the frenster...
sometime don understand those ppl...
for me,i seldom add stranger in frenster...
i m not that kind of retards....orz

Anonymous said...

That's why you should never bother with friendster.