Sunday, July 22, 2007


Note: I didn't sleep at all on the 21st of July. Wonder if it's some new record for me. >.<"

For people who know me. They should know I love Harry Potter to death. I have every single frigging book and I've watched every Harry Potter movie at least twice. Thrice. Or maybe more. For people who don't know me, well, now you do. So 21st of July was kinda like a big deal to me. It was THE day the final book of the Harry Potter series is coming out in stores. The final piece to the puzzle that started 10years ago on a train.

Truth is, I've been a bookworm ever since I was a kid. Ask my grandma about the times she stood in Popular to stand guard over me as I squat on the floor reading books for hours on end. Once, she got fed up of standing in a bookstore as her granddaughter reads. So she ended up buying 10books at one go just so that she wouldn't have to endure the dreadful experience anymore. Boy, was she wrong. After a few more weeks, it's back to the bookstore for the both of us. =D

But I digress. Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows was on top my wishlist and a newly acquired friend (by newly I mean about 1month+) generously offered to try and get me the autographed book which were given out free of charge to the first three people who went to Kinokuniya on the 21st of January. So the slightly crazy fella really went off to KLCC and stayed there overnight to get the book for lil ol' me. And to think that he doesn't even read any of the Harry Potter books and has only watched the first Harry Potter way back in 2001. >.> (I guess he probably was the only fella there who has not a clue what the whole Harry Potter mania was about) I wonder if he lives in a cave these past few years or what. He says the titles are too long and confusing and he got the books and movies mixed up so he stopped watching them. =.=" Major sweat. Okay lah...since he got me the book, shall not say mean things about him anymore lah...Thanks alottttt for this (very) early Christmas prezzie ya! And thanks for completing my entire collection. =) Oh, he told me one of the interesting conversations he overheard at the KLCC park entrance where they were waiting for the guards to open the gate and let them (rush) in. It goes something like this:

Nerd (to companion): If I've magic, I would make myself invisible & so that the guards don't see me so I can line up first.

Phen (this sounds waaaay more logical): What the hell? If I can be invisible, steal the book and go home la. Still line up for what?!

Classic. That should justify my (intense) dislike for nerds.

So to the *cough*mighty*cough*Phen, thanks a lot and even though you didn't manage to get into the top 13 to qualify for the free books, still you forked out money to get it for me. Then you practically delivered it to my doorstep in the middle of the night just so I could read it asap. *Cherrie feels bad now*

Still, I was ecstatic to have the book. Thus, some camwhoring is definitely in order. Please please ignore the panda eyes. I do not have Photoshop and I would be too lazy to do edit every one of my pictures anyway. So yea, ignore em. Thank you very muchies.

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Me found this. Outside my house. 11pm. Lols...

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I got it! Finally! Mine! Muacks! <3

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Me love Harry Potter. Too bad it's the last book. =(

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Oooh...look at the quill. The book comes with a quill! I can write like Harry! (No wonder his words were fugly in the movie, you try writing with a feather and see!)

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Oh look! Comes with a Christmas card as well. (Fine!>>)
Ah Phen is only July lar... =.= Bo calender?

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Heh book of my collection!
I love me Harry Potter book! Gonna read it tonight. I already look like a panda anyway. Bah...

Thanks again!

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