Monday, January 29, 2007's been almost a year since I started this blog to crap about my daily mundane boring life~! Hahaha...time really flies doesn't it. Seriously, it's scary how fast my life is passing through...I haven even got time to stop and breathe and really think about my entire life.
Alot has happened in the past year, there has been mistakes, some I wished I didn't make...some I'm glad I did as it made me grow up a lil more and be clearer about myself and what I want in my life. Still, I miss my old friends. Miss the times we hung out together. Whether it was shopping, studying or simply was a time when I can really be silly and not care too much about the world around me...even if it's just for a couple of hours.
But as people goes on. As much as I still wish we could go back to old times when there weren't so much problems, truth is...people change. Some walk into your life and they walk out without leaving any impression or memory at all. Then there are some that you wouldn't be able to forget in your entire lifetime...these are the people that made you laugh, made you cry and offer a shoulder to lean on when you feel like the whole world is caving in. They are there in your darkest hours, offering words of comfort and a listening ear for you to pour your soul out. These are your true friends in life. And trust me, it's not everyday that you can find a person like that. Someone whom you know you can trust with your secrets and heartaches and happiness. If your lucky enough to meet one in your life, treasure that person.
Humans are far from perfect. However much we want to believe that we're perfect. The truth is, we're just not. And never will be. We spend fortunes trying to fix things that weren't even broken in the first place. We're always comparing ourselves with other people...always not good enough, not pretty enough, not rich enough, not famous enough, not perfect enough. We are too obsessed with all the petty things like money, looks and fame that we forgot the thing that really matter in life. Love. And I'm not just refering to boyfriend-girlfriend kind of love. It can be for your pet, love for your family, love for your dear friends... Love is what makes us whole. But we often forget that until it's much, much too late. We fail to appreciate the little things in life until they've slipped away from us. Then it hits us in the face just how much those little things mattered to us in the first place.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Went n did my hair on Sunday. From waist length cut till shoulder length...hehe, my head feels sooooo much lighter now. Did some highlight on it as well. It's a kinda red-purplish colour now...
Haih...actually spent about 4 hours in the salon for this. My hair suffered MAJOR damage that day. Wash n blow dry, den cut. Den bleached it, wash again...blow dry,dye color. And then wash sumore n blow dry. T.T need to do repair work fast if dowan to suffer permanent damage lol... End of the day, I'm sleepy n bored n I spent RM180 on my hair. Sigh, at least it doesn't look half bad lo...
Now the colour is still like barely there. I'll have to stand under the sun den oni u can see da colour...zzz But the hairstylist says the clolour should fade sumore n I'll c the colour by next week wor. Hopefully it turns out nice la hehe!
Hmm...tomorrow still have to attend uni. 9.30class T.T means hav to wake up early in the morning again. Haih...sob I guess that's it for today. Buhbyes~~

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy 18th birthday to me~!

Finally turned 18~! Now I'm legal for everything hahahaha... Hmm...tomorrow still have to attend my orientation at uni. So probably will only celebrate later bah. Haih, one of the disadvantages of having your birthday so early lor...
Anyways, hope it will be a good day tomorrow. Coz well, a gurl only turns 18 once right? Oh yes, I met someone recently who shares my birthday. So wish him a happy 17th birthday here. Happy birthday bittergourd~! haha...dats it for today...gotta wake up at 6.30 tomorrow for my orientation. Ciaoz~!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Last working day at 1u today...been working thr for a month already without reli tell the truth, I felt a lil sad coz gonna miss all my frens thr. Dunno when we're gonna c each other again as we're all gonna be busy with our life.
On a happier note, I'm starting my orientation at Uni tomorrow. Hmm...gonna be interesting (or at least I hope). Can't wait to check out the ppl n stuffs thr. But hav to wake up at 8.30am -_-''
Oh yes...It's 2007!!! Haha...celebrated with my buddys at 1u after work on the 31st. Took pics of the fireworks as well...and the concert wasn't half bad either. And of bday is coming~! ^^ Will finally b 18. And as my fren says, I'm finally legal for everything haha...can go watch 18+movies at cinemas XD hmm...hope it doesn't suck on my big day then. =)