Monday, July 16, 2007

Weird weird day

Hmm...has anyone ever heard of the driving school losing your license photo and you had to go take another one yourself to replace the lost one? Well, now you do. MY FREAKING DRIVING INSTRUCTOR LOST MY LICENSE PHOTO!! Here's what happened. I posted about taking my license photo awhile back. So one fine weekend morning while I was still in slumberland, the driving instructor decided to disrupt my peace by waking me up. Then he delivered the bad news, "Eh the photo ar...your license wan's lost..."


So now I'm supposed to go take another one and pass it to him asap to make my L license. and my luck. Fantastic.

On a lighter note, I had classes from 8am till 6pm today. Okay that's not very happy. What I meant to say was, I had some fun slacking and talking in class today. And eating. He he...

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Writing for Business lecture. Not my fault the pic is blur, blame Brian's shaky hands. =p

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Please ignore the panda eyes. >.<" 8am class remember? Hmm...seems like I never pay attention in this subject huh? I just noticed the last post where I took pics of my friends slacking were also in Writing for Business. >.>

After class, my mom, bro and me went to the SS2 pasar malam (night market) and I bumped into a few of my uni friends there as well! =D I completely forgot they were going to pasar malam as well until I saw them there. Well, technically they saw me first. Haha... Anyway, bought tons of things to eat as I was starving though there's dinner at home. >.<" I was hungry okay?! My last meal was around 11am in the morning. T.T (eh hem, ice-cream is not counted =p) So now, I'm stuffed. And my dinner is sitting in front of me, untouched.'s been awhile since I last went to the pasar malam. I couldn't stop myself from buying things as there are so many things there! I bought all foodstuff though. =p Oh another thing! I'm watching Vacancy tomorrow with my friends in Cineleisure. Hope it's a nice movie. =D Shall say more about that after I watch it. Best of all, the tickets are free! Thanks PQ Poh Nee !

Score for today :
Cherrie - 3
Meanie obsessed with football - 1

Hmm...shall get started on the meme soon >.>

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Was feeling bored the other day hehe...Okay fine, I just wanted to neutralise the 1st two ugly pics. >.>


Anonymous said...

Hi Cherrie :)

Very nice pics... Im sorry to hear about your stupid driver instructor loosing your license photo :)

Anyway you have a very cool blog, And I reallu enoyed reading your post. I hope that you will find the time to visit mine too

-sqiang- said...

look like u so enjoy

Yellow Cake said...

Oh, Jeez! A chick with a fruity name who can't pass a Driver Ed course. That's special. Two suggestions, Sister: Steer clear of automobiles 'n check yer lollipops fer narcotic contamination. Ditzy bedwetter, you.

Yellow Cake said...

Wss just teasing you, Sweety ;^)Actually, you're a very lovely lady with a very entertaining blog.

pohnee said...

i heard the movie wasn't very nice...ahem. at least the tickets were free :P

Cherrie said...

din: Thanks! :) You've a nice blog as well.

-sqiang-: hahaha...enjoy ice-cream oni ler...not the classes. =p

yellow cake: Lol...actually I did pass it. And blame the fruity name on my mom X)

pohnee: Hmm...dunno bout the person who said dat, but I liked it! =D Ohhh!! I saw...ashraf sinclair XD Gonna blog bout it tmr. I'm supposed to find materials for sociology tmr & go slp. >.>

Yellow Cake said...

'kay, but ya better drive safe. Otherwise, I'll be forced to visit your city and give you a good spanking.

Cherrie said...

Hahaha...Do drop me a msg if you happen to drop by here lol =p

Yellow Cake said...

Sure, Sweetheart! I promise.

Do you have ICQ? My number is:

Cherrie said...

Sorry =( I don't use ICQ. Hehe...

Yellow Cake said...

Yeah, hehe... ;^) And stop sendin' those types of messages, you naughty girlie girl! I'm easily embarrassed /^/

Cherrie said...

Uh...what messages? o.o?

Yellow Cake said...

Jus' kiddin' 'round, Cupcake. Ya gotta know that I jus' adore rufflin' yer feathers.

Hugs comin' yer way soon 'nuff.