Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Thanks to Poh Nee, I get to watch this for free. In fact, I watched it for free and before it was even officially released! =D

The movie was nice. Of course it was. It's free la, come on people. Haha... XD I've never been to Cineleisure's cinema before even though I stay just a mere few kilometers away >.> Not that I don't wanna go, it's just that everytime I want to go there for a movie, they're always fully booked! Grr...how to go? You tell me la...
Overall the movie was quite exciting (I'm easy to please hehe...the only time I scoffed at a movie in the cinema was when I watched a Korean horror flick called
Teh Wig, it was the lamest,UNscariest scary movie ever. Heck, even the scary movie is scarier than their wig. Ish...), I was covering my mouth almost the entire time I think. -.-'' At least I didn't cover my eyes okay?! I never do that. =D Oops! I won't spoil it! Watch it yourself, bah!

Oh! I almost forgot a vital part of my evening! I saw a certain so hot can die person while I was passing by the Curve on my way to Cineleisure. Ashraf Sinclair! With an unidentified friend whose face I didn't see. Aww...come on,
he was standing beside Ashraf Sinclair, you can't blame me for not seeing/recognising him. Sighs...so hot can die man!!! @.@ So, happy bubbly me went off to Cineleisure for my movie. When we came out from the cinema at around 11+ and on my way to the parking lot, guess who I saw again? =D Mr.Ashraf is still in the Curve! *swoons* How I wish I could stay at Laundry the whole night. Darn curfew! T.T


-sqiang- said...

Ashraf Sinclair is hu???(@.@?)

Cherrie said...

Heh heh...go google his name and see. =p

pohnee said...

ashraf sinclair was my skool's prom nite emcee /gg

but not like i went anyway haha =P

Cherrie said...

You didn't go for prom?? =((
Awww...I wish my prom nite emcee was him. Fat chance >.> I don't even rmb my prom emcee anymore. Sigh!