Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tagging 101

Seems like quite a few people I tagged doesn't quite get how tags works. I'm feeling nice today, so I'm gonna do a lil tutorial for you. =) Say thank you won't you? x)

Okay, first of all, what are tags? Tag is basically a game played by children. It's a catching game-lah basically. If you get caught by your friend, then it's now your turn to catch another friend. Geddit? No? I suck at explaining. Sorry.

Now this blog tagging thingy is similar to the game. In a sense that when you're tagged by someone, you have to do the tag as well. And the vicious cycle goes on...and on...and on...

What am I supposed to do when I'm tagged? ):

Well, most of the tags are really similar. Take my most recent tag as an example.
The bolded text is the topic. For example, I typed 10 people you love (excluding family). That is the title. You're supposed to list out the names of 10 people you love. Then you move on to the next topic. Eg. 10 things you wanna do before you die. Then you list out the 10 things you wanna do before you die (duh -_-). And when you finish the entire tag, you can tag other people! =)

p/s: Not everyone bolds the topic. It's just that I think it's neater that way. Or maybe I'm just weird. Meh...

So there are several types of tags out there. Some are picture tags. (I hate those -.-) Some are just plain text tags like the ones I posted. It's basically very simple and usually requires a very short time to complete so I kinda like them. Especially when I'm having blogger's block. xD

So that concludes my short tutorial. If you still don't get what the hell I'm trying to say...well, I'm sorry because that's the best I can do. I'm not a good teacher. Will never be one I think. Lols...
Now all those people I tagged can't give me that 'I don't know how to do the tag' excuse anymore! Shoo shoo go do my tag!


On another note, I'm taking my driving test on Monday! Wish me luck!! I'm gonna need all the luck I can get. Let's hope I won't
1. Roll down the slope
2. Stalled in the middle of the road
3. Bang down the sticks... or cones... whatever...
4. Kill someone / myself *gasps*

Ah, and my P license will look like shit (Assuming that I'm gonna pass the exam of course). Because the photos I took suck big time. Sad sad sad...why can't I be photogenic huh? )): Darn.

Hah guess what, I bought a new nail polish. It's....RED. It's my first red polish. I can't handle red very well. That's probably why I don't buy any red polish or lipstick or what-so-ever.My mom says I'm not sexy enough to wear red. Bah! I'm gonna try anyway. I'm feeling adventurous today. Let's see if I can pull it off shall we?

Edit: TMD!! I kena conned! @%^$# It's a very deep shade of PINK! WTH...Damn ugly lar! ZZZ...I want RED!

Edit edit: Ugh...and it's kinda gooey. Which reminds me of...-_-'' Gross...I want blood red! Not some magneta red wannabe! =( sobx... I'll get one next week. Urgh. 

I almost forgot!

Happy birthday phen!



pohnee said...

good luck in ur driving test! ^^

Cherrie said...

thank you darling! =D

@h PhEn said...

Cherrieeee thank you for your birthday wish again. Felt so honoured lar~~~!! Anyways, I cant make u drool over the Italiannies food cause I left my camera in my luggage and I tot i lost the camera. Sigh..Oh btw, look out for ur souvenir in your mailbox. I am coming anytime sooooon!!!

-sqiang- said...

well,good luck to u lo....

u can remake a new license after u got P.go police station report n say that u lost the license then u can remake liao...^-^

lol...not red?xD

ooo....tag is like tat?..icic...ok la..thx for blog long time din touch it liao,better don touch it...=P

Cherrie said...

phen: no photos? ): Btw I'm going to shogun tonight. Again! x) Muahahaha...

-sqiang-: o.o I can remake jz liddat? Nid to pay again?'s not red >.> More like deep deep red instead of blood red. ): eee...I do the tutorial le u still dowan do. >.<