Thursday, August 30, 2007

Did you know?

Do you know what is the smallest rhino species in the world? Hah...Gotcha!

It's the Sumatran rhinoceros. One of the rarest mammals left in the world. It is listed as critically endangered with only about 300 of them left in the world. Thanks to poaching and deforestation.

No wait, you didn't go into the wrong blog. It's still Cherrie's blog. Only this time, I've decided to write about something more serious. I have a soft spot for animals, so this kind of things affect me a lot. (All together now, awwwwww~)

Back to the rhinos. So, some of you might wonder, why rhino? Why not other cuter looking animals? After all, rhino is not exactly cute and cuddly is it? I'm writing this to support the 'Rhino Rescue Project' initiated by Honda. Yes, the same Honda that brought you those gorgeous sedans. This project is the one and only corporate sponsorship dedicated to saving the Sumatran rhinos. Honda actually pledged a total of RM5 MILLION to WWF Malaysia as part of the project. Like OMGWTFBBQ?! RM5 MILLION?! That can buy me loads and loads of clothes, shoes, heck, even a house omg! *fantasizes about new Ferrari*

But I digress, the reason we should do our bit to save the rhino is because it is the ONLY rhino species found in Malaysia. You wouldn't want your children or grandchildren to see the rhino only in their textbook right? To think that rhinos might be to them what Dodo is to us...that is awfully saddening. And it is already happening if we don't do our tiny lil part in saving those poor rhinos.

What can I do to help you ask? Well, if you have a blog or a website, paste the Save our Sumatran Rhino into your site and help spread the word. =) Lets save the rhinos shall we?


Yellow Cake said...

Yeah, I hear ya, Princess. I've got a soft spot in my heart fer the four-legged critters, too. Even those 6 or 8 legged creepy, crawly things that ya despise so much. Honest, they serve a purpose.

I often wonder what will become of them. I wonder what'll happen to all of us, as well. George W. Bushwhacker, the reprehensible sock puppet for the Globalists, will start a war with Iran in September while the Illuminati want 6 billion of the world's population eliminated. A mere 500 million will remain to serve as slaves for the NWO, The Bilderbergs, The IMF, The Trilateral Commission, The CFR...

Any way ya slice it, Cherrie, it doesn't look good for anyone or any living creature currently existing on the suface of this planet.

Jus' grap the gusto while ya can, I guess

D3vil said...

Yeay, I agree! Saving this animals should be our priority!! Look at them! They're so cute! And because they are so cute... People from China will hunt them for food... I once tried and eat illegal animal meat.. It's juz the same tacte like pork anyway.. WAKE UP WORLD!!

Cherrie said...

yellow cake: Hmm...I STILL don't like creepy crawlies ~.~

d3vil: Haha...didn't know rhino can be classified as cute. But oh well, point is, we should save em! =D

Anonymous said...

Too bad there was never any such awareness program for the golden toads.

Cherrie said...

Yeah that's a pity...though I don't really like toads. But still...sigh