Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Okay...yesterday's post was abit lame...Haha...yea. So now I'm going to do a recap on yesterday and the day before it as the pictures don't really tell much (so much for the 'a picture says a thousand words' theory huh? >.>).

So, we start off with the day before yesterday (which was the day the pictures were taken, fyi). Promised a certain SOMEONE(*cough* you know what to do la *cough*) that I would watch Pirates of the Carribean with her, so ended up watching it after the movie had been screening for so long. And as usual, we were late. Planned on going to 1Utama at around 5pm...ended up reaching there at 6pm due to too much dili-deli-ing at her house. -.-'' BUT, as usual also, my another blur case friend was even later than us. (she is way blurer than me...seriously!I mean, who will be lost in 1Utama??) Went to TGV for the movie since GSC is all sold out (wth..? =.=)...

The movie itself is actually quite nice...but the same definitely CAN'T be applied to the whole cinema-going experience. First of all, I think everyone knows the seats in TGV are kinda small, cramped and uncomfortable (probably the reason why there's practically no queue at the ticket counter -.-), so about 30mins into the movie my neck was already experiencing some major pain. It didn't helped that some idiotic people were sitting directly behind us. And I mean IDIOTIC. I think it was a family of three or something sitting behind us. Gosh, I tell you, the woman has one of the MOST annoying laugh ever. I can hear her laughter filling the whole cinema and it irritates the hell out of me. Sounds so '38'... Then her kid...kept sneezing. Fine, the cinema was kinda cold...I can understand. What I don't understand was WHY CAN'T HE COVER HIS MOUTH??? When he started sneezing I already had a bad feeling....then...while watching Jack Sparrow on screen...achoo!!! And I felt droplets of water on my skin. Wthhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! That is SO disgusting...urgh...

Oh...and thanks Phen for my carrot stick for passing my undang*2 test =) I liked the ice blended mocha alot and Mummy Phen is currently hanging on my bag =p Oh? Who's Mummy Phen? (Hey meanie! Didn't tell me you were at Coffeebean also. Hmph!)

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Mummy Phen XD

Then fast forward to yesterday. The day I'm supposed to sit for my Web Page Design mid-term test, which I didn't study for. The test was horrible. Period. The fun part was the Writing for Business class later that day. Not that the lesson was fun, it was dead boring as usual. So I took pictures of my friends slacking/half-listening/daydreaming in class. =p

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Apple posing for the camera =)

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Brian is SO going to kill me if he sees this XS

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Hemin looking blur as usual =p

p/s: excuse the pictures' blurness...lousy camera phone >.<"

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