Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Today...was the day I've been waiting for...for a long time. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is OUT in Malaysian Cinema! Went to watch it after class today with my family. After reading the book for so long and waiting for the movie to come out since last year, I have to confess I was quite disappointed with it. =( Don't worry peeps, no spoilers here. Wouldn't wanna spoil it for you guys now would I? But yeah...the storyline was fine but there were some details which were different from the book. Though only those who read the book might complain I guess. My dad complained that it was boring. -.-'' Oh well, what do you expect?? You didn't even watch the previous ones properly before! And so, that's pretty much it. I can't really say much about the movie without giving away the plot and storyline and risk spoiling it for everyone who reads this blog. A word of caution for those who read the book beforehand and expects the movie to be exactly like what J.K. Rowling wrote, IT IS NOT! Oh well, the bigger the expectation, the harder the fall I guess. Guess now I'll just wait for the 7th and final book to come out in exactly 10days time!

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THE movie

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THE book

Haha...anyway, tomorrow is J Card Day at One Utama. Which can only mean one thing for me. SALES!!! =D I'm so going there after my classes tomorrow. I have tons of things I wanna buy. Utar's schedule is really killing me. T.T I'm in the midst of having my mid-terms and I just sat for my Marketing test today. Hell doesn't even begin to describe the paper. Or it might just be my fault of studying last minute as usual. Hmm...* ponders* =p

Ah...and since I haven't been updating for quite awhile (sorry lah, was abit lazy and abit caught up with studying...actually just lazy I think >.>), I guess I should tell you guys that I drove for the first time in my life on Sunday! A real car! Haha...I should probably start at the beginning. =p So on last Sunday, I went for the 6 hours practical class where we were supposed to learn about the various parts of the car, engine and how to do basic maintenance for our own car (read: total and utter boredom and a waste of time). Then after 3 hours of sitting in a classroom stoning, we were separated into groups of three and each group is suppose to get some hands-on experience about learning to recognise the various engine parts of the carl.

Thus, 3 idiots including me were seen crowding around the opened hood of a Kancil on a blazing hot Sunday afternoon trying to identify the engine parts. If that wasn't bad enough, our instructor actually asked us to observe the engine and went off to slack somewhere for almost 10minutes! I felt like a total retard standing in front of the engine pretending I'm interested in actually learning about car engines under a hot sun. I said, a total and complete waste of time. MY time. And just about everyone else's for that matter.

Then we were given another half an hour of break which I spent rotting. Then comes the 'highlight' of my entire day. We were each given a chance to drive the Kancil around the driving school. Nothing much, just a couple of rounds around the driving centre. But since it's my first time ever handling a real car, it was pretty good fun for me. =D At least nobody died when I was driving okay?? To think that 3 people actually placed their lives in my hands that fateful afternoon...Hahaha...hopefully I'll get my L soon and start some proper driving lessons. Car! Wait for meeeeeeee~

Oh p/s again:
Mid-term marks so far :-
1. Management 41/50
2. Web Page Design 74/100

Satisfactory so far I'd say. But I might have spoken a tad too soon. Just wait till my Marketing marks come out and I'll probably be forced to eat my own words. >.>"

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