Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Withdrawal Symptoms

I'm still sick. Fever's gone, but still feeling like I'm in hell. One of my friend asked me why did I blogged in Mandarin, "I can't understand Mandarin, so how am I supposed to know what happen to you?" Sorry...I usually blog in Mandarin when I'm feeling a tad emo. =p

So anyway, missed another day of class today. Just wasn't up to waking up at 6+ in the morning to get to class. Plus! I have the mother of all backaches...it's still hurting now! From the time I woke till now... -__-" That's what you get for spending too much time lying in bed. (I was sick since Saturday, so you do the Maths...)

Had a lousy dinner again, as usual. Spend my entire day rotting/gaming/blog reading/chatting/smsing while tomorrow is my Writing for Business mid-term exam. Yea...smarty-skirt aint I? Lols...Now I'm having serious PWS. Serious sh!t...Pasta withdrawal symptoms. Noooo... T_T

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Drooling yet? I know you are~


Yellow Cake said...

Oh, Jeez! Thanks :^/ Now I'm hungry.

That pasta is the 2nd most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life!

Cherrie said...

2nd? o.o Why 2nd?

Yellow Cake said...

How can a plain ol' plate o' pasta possibly compare with your gorgeous eyes, Sweetheart? Hmmm?