Saturday, June 02, 2007


Today I did something I've never done before. I donated BLOOD. Yeap, you read that right, I donated blood. We had just finished our class for today when one of my coursemate told us the university is having a blood donation campaign in the hall. (Funny, I didn't even realised they were organising one >.>) So anyway, I thought I'd try it since I've never donated blood before.
After filling in the forms and cheating a little bit (I'm not QUITE heavy enough to donate actually =p), I got a container with all those creepy looking things inside and also a passport like booklet that indicates my blood type and how many times I donated etc. And then it's off to the chair for me.
Hmm...overall I find the experience quite okay. Except for that brief moment of pain when the needle is being jabbed into my veins T_T . Otherwise it was practically painless =) I didn't even experience any major discomfort or dizziness what-so-ever. Hmm...if given the chance, I think I'd most probably do it again!

Now for some silly pic!

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Me being silly =p

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My blood! =O

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