Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happiness =)

Today finally realised...happiness is actually quite simple. For me at least.
Little things in life that makes me smile or feel happy =)

1. Starbucks
2. Funny show on tv
3. Friends trying to entertain me with jokes when I'm bored
4. Playing games
5. Sleeping in my room with the air-cond on full blast
6. Blasting my hi-fi set in my room
7. Sms-ing with friends
8. A hug
9. Cam-whoring
10. Shopping!
11. Reading a nice novel
12. Found something insightful while surfing the net
13. Receiving funny or meaningful emails
14. Blogging
15. Found a HOT guy walking on the street
16. Compliments
17. Hearing my favourite songs on radio
18. When I get my allowance
19. Fantastic movie
20. Internet connection not lagging

From now on, I'll try to remember this list whenever I'm not happy =) And of course, I hope I won't get bored of things so easily and have a little more perserverance in life. Not to procrastinate so much as well. Looking forward to adding more things to my list of happiness. =)

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