Friday, June 15, 2007

The art of procrastination

Sigh...midterm's gonna start soon. As in, REALLY soon. Now we're into our 4th week of the 2nd semester, and our midterm's supposed to start in the 6th week. And guess what? Our tutorials (which were supposed to start in the 2nd week) are postponed to the 7th week if I'm not mistaken. That means we'll have to sit for our midterm without even attending tutorials. Study ourself-loh...Dotz...Oh, did I mention why the tutorials were being postponed? "Lack of venues" ...or so they say... >.> If there are not enough venues, why chew off more then you can swallow in the first place??? Don't take in so many new students lah if there isn’t even enough space for the students to study in! Yor...
So, now I have no choice...have to try my very very best to try and understand all the lecture slides and do the tutorial works on my own if I don't wanna flunk my midterms...I can't can't CAN'T afford to flunk any subjects as I need all the marks I can get from course works (midterm's included in course works marks by the way) because I have a feeling this semester's final exams are going to be much tougher...since I'm already facing difficulties in my lecture classes...Takes a lot of effort just trying to stay awake in class >.<>.> Also, found a new friend cum counsellor cum entertainer cum rubbish bin member =D The mighty *cough*soh lo*cough* Phen~ Hehe...thanks for helping me solve my crappy problems! And teman-ing me when I'm bored too =p (And for whatever that I've forgotten to mention here...lolz)
Also, planning to take my undang^2 by this week. Itching to finally learn to drive and also because I have a carrot stick dangling in front of me. Hahaha...Hope I can pass it and successfully get my L license by the end of the month? Hmm...hopefully-lah~
Okay, probably should start downloading my lecture notes and print them out now. >.<" *shuffles away looking for papers*

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