Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cherrie the lecturer

Conducted my second lecture today. The Fundamentals of Marketing Chapter 3. Now, before you all start screaming in protest as how a 18-year-old can conduct a lecture in front of approximately 100 people, I would like to clarify one thing : It's actually part of my university's new system which requires students to actually conduct lectures in class in a bid to get them to be more involved with the so-called learning process. (Yea right, fat chance...)

So anyway, today is the second lecture I've conducted so far, the first being Management Studies. And as usual, I only prepared the powerpoint slides the night before my presentation. Hahaha =p Oh well... Then this morning I went to class looking like a sleep deprived zombie (Did I mention I HATE classes in the morning?), too sleepy and tired to even start worrying about my presentation.

I just blabbed whatever that was in my paper and within 5mins, I'm done! Curse those people who didn't get what I said. Ended up looking like an idiot repeating the same thing I said earlier when the lecturer asked me to explain further about my topic. Gimme a break okay? I just woke up like less than 2 hours ago and here I am conducting a lecture! The least you could do is pretend to understand what I'm talking about... T_T

But that's not really the worst part of my day so far. After lunch we have one of my [sarcasm]favourite[/sarcasm] class this semester! Actually it's not so much about the subject itself, more like I couldn't stand the lecturer. He is this guy that has a permanent frown on his face ( Sorry I still couldn't remember the name -.-" ). The REAL problem with him is the way he conduct the lecture. Aside from the fact that attending Sociology class is somewhat like attending religious class ( He just go on and on and on about religions and blah blah blah... ), when this guy talks, there is NO main point! I mean like, he would talk and talk and talk about one particular slide and then I can hardly see the point. I mean like, usually when the lecturer is teaching you can see what he or she is trying to tell and write down the important points but with this guy, I just don't get him at all.

Boring stuffs aside, I wanna wish one of my best best friend a very HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY girl! Ahhh...I know you guys are curious about who she is right? Right? Aite, here you go~

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That's me on the left and the birthday girl on the right

p/s: Oh, did I mention I'm going shopping during the weekends? XD I'm taking my undang*2 test on Sunday as well, so wish me luck~!! =D

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Yellow Cake said...

Oo0ooOO00oo, such a gorgeous baby! You make my heart pound so very hard, Sweety.

And yer a Capricorn/Dragon. That's perfect.