Saturday, March 31, 2007

Just realised that I'm kinda heartless. I keep forgetting other people. Sigh...I have had people IM-ing me in Msn...then they start chatting with me, asking about my life, my uni and generally all about my stuff la...and there I was, sitting in front of my computer frowning at the screen, wondering who is that. have no idea how bad I feel when they were happily enquiring about my life and then I asked, ' Erm...sorry. But who are you again? ' I seriously feel I'm a jack-ass for being that way. But I just couldn't recall who they are no matter how hard I try.
Hate being so blur...There seems to be alot of things that escaped my attention. I forget people, I forget incidents, I forget words that people say to me that are really important to them...I just forget alot of things. Maybe that's why some people like to take care of me? They just can't help it when they see such a blur case I guess...>.<

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