Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I feel the need to type the title out in caps just to show how stress I really am. Campus life is not at all easy and relaxing...tons of presentations and assignments to hand up. Time really seems to flies ESPECIALLY when nearing datelines...
Tomorrow I have my 10mins public speaking presentation and I'm still not done preparing for it...-.-'' My speech barely reaches 7mins...I'm just gonna die straight away. It doesn't help that this presentation alone accounts for 20% of my overall grade T.T
Super super stress...but somehow I can still find time to blog about craps when I'm supposed to be looking for more materials to crap about for tomorrow's presentation...hahaha swt =.=
But I hope it'll be okay as the topic of my presentation is something that I could relate to...my past experiences hehe =p Still, I think this time my lecturer won't be that lenient...I'll have to buck up if I don't wanna fail my public speaking (since I didn't study for my mid-term...oh well...) Sad T.T
And Friday's the due date of economics assignment! Sigh...I hope what I did was good enough...Just ultra stress today...aaaaaaaaaaaaa ='(

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