Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Last working day at 1u today...been working thr for a month already without reli realising...to tell the truth, I felt a lil sad coz gonna miss all my frens thr. Dunno when we're gonna c each other again as we're all gonna be busy with our life.
On a happier note, I'm starting my orientation at Uni tomorrow. Hmm...gonna be interesting (or at least I hope). Can't wait to check out the ppl n stuffs thr. But hav to wake up at 8.30am -_-''
Oh yes...It's 2007!!! Haha...celebrated with my buddys at 1u after work on the 31st. Took pics of the fireworks as well...and the concert wasn't half bad either. And of course...my bday is coming~! ^^ Will finally b 18. And as my fren says, I'm finally legal for everything haha...can go watch 18+movies at cinemas XD hmm...hope it doesn't suck on my big day then. =)

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