Monday, July 24, 2006

Random facts about me

1. I hate dislike HATE it when people smoke in front of me, ESPECIALLY when I'm eating. I read somewhere that smokers actually inhales only 30% of the harmful stuffs in cigarettes while the other 70% is exhaled by them and inhaled (unwillingly) as second hand smoke by those non-smokers around them. I do NOT wish to die young and of cancer for something I don't even do, thank you very much.

2. I love reading. I LOVE reading. And I LOVE READING. Only good books by the way. So if one day you ran out of ideas as to what prezzie to give me for that special occasion, here's an option for you. =D
p/s: Only good books ya =p

3. I'm a bit of a shopaholic. A BIT.

4. I'm a lazy bum. This means a lot of things.
i) I do not like chores. I repeat, I do NOT like chores.
ii) I only do my chores when I have absolutely no choice. Meaning, either I have no more clothes to wear, I could no longer find my floor in my bedroom, or my mom threatens to kill me or something in that context.
iii) I hate mornings. I can NEVER wake up in the morning without feeling like a sleep-deprived zombie. If you're a "let's go catch the breath-taking sunrise" kinda person, I'm not your girl. Na-ah.
iv) I always do my studying at the last possible moment. If there's a test tomorrow morning, I'll start tonight after having my dinner; If the test tomorrow is in the afternoon, I'll start once I wake up in the morning. If I feel like it anyway.

5. I dead afraid of cockroaches. Anything that has more than 4 legs freaks me out. Period.

6. I fear being bored out of my mind. I get grumpy if I'm bored. I do stupid things when I'm bored. Do not bore me. Please.

7. I do not like stupid unintelligent people. I hate entertaining people who sound like retards. And I'm mean to them. Sorry.

8. Sometimes I wonder if I have some commitment issues. I get bored of relationships/the guy pretty quickly. That's probably the reason I'm still single. -.-''

9. I have very bad time management. I'm almost always late for anything and everything. Almost.

10. My temper flares easily. I cry a lot too. In short, I'm quite kinda very emotional.

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