Thursday, May 10, 2007

Finally finished my finals on Monday~! Yay! Now I'm into my 3rd day of semester break, and...I'm already starting to get bored =x
Anyway, went ice-skating with my uni friends yesterday. I almost died laughing when my friend landed on his butt...I'll tell you why he fell if you ask =p Actually I fell also...some random girl bang me down from behind @.@ both my knees blue black and my ankle is scraped, all thanks to the stupid skates. It's gonna be awhile before I can wear my skirts and shorts again T.T
Watched The Hills Have Eyes 2. I didn't even watch the first one when it came out =x oh well, at least the stories are not connected...I think. LOADS of blood and gore and people getting screwed by mutants...a typically slasher flick lah...chopped limbs, squashed know, normal stuffs for this type of shows. It was actually quite okay but the ending...swt...
Another thing, I can't wait for the end of May to come...Yay! I'm going on a trip with my friends.Genting~ Here I come~!! Lol...Haven't been there for quite sometime so I hope it's gonna be a fun trip =D I'm soooo dying to go on the roller coaster again! Whee~~

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